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Swag Codes are strings of text that you can apply for instant 


Swag Codes can appear anywhere, and at any time, throughout the Swagbucks 

network. (Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Swag store, Swidget, Toolbar, and more) 

A good way of knowing a code is out and active, is to 

watch Swagbucks Facebook wall, if it is full of people 

saying "THANKS TSG" that means a code is out and 

active! You also need to get a  

(Click the word SWIDGET above to see more)  

When you get a code,  do not post 

it anywhere but in the Code box, as shown below.

( You can LOSE YOUR ACCOUNT posting a code 

anywhere others can see it. )

Also do not ask for codes. It is also against the rules. You can ask for hints to help you 

find it, but again sharing codes is grounds for deactivation.

What codes look like....


(Below are old expired codes, but they will show you what a code can look like.)

Swagbucks Home page

On Facebook

Another Facebook Code...

On Swagbucks TV

In the NEW Chat bar at the bottom of swagbucks.com

In the Swag Store....

Toolbar SBTV code...

Hidden code in blog...

On Twitter...

Some codes are dynamic, which means they are constantly changing. 

They do this so people can't cheat and share the codes with other 

people. Since the codes change  often, you need to be quick to redeem 

it. It's a good idea to have the Swagbucks homepage open in a different 

tab. Then you can quickly copy the code and go to the 

other tab and enter it before it expires.

Also make sure you are not coying and pasting an empty space 

at the beginning or end. 

Look at all the link buttons on the left side of 

swagbucks.com. These are a lot of the places codes 

are given out on. :) 

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