On this website you can download the Swag App, an application for SwagBucks.com

NEW: SEE SCREEN SHOTS OF VERSION 1.1 - Click Link on Left Side

ABOUT THE SWAG APP: The Swag App is a program that allows you to search the swag bucks site, register for a swagbucks account, and view the How 2 Earn Swag Bucks page. There are also links to all the social sites, the blog and the swag store. All of these are in one easy to access program! This app allows you to access everything swagbucks from one easy to find location.

*Think of the Swag App as a greatly improved version of the Swidget*

NEW In 1.3 - Full Swag Bucks Toolbar integration.

NEW Features in Version 1.2

- This is now released
- Fixed the "More" Section Bug
- Fixed the Swag Codes bug
- Few Minor improvements


1. Option to switch to main SwagBucks site
2. Full web browser
3. Customize colors and fonts
4. See partner sites
5. Check for updates
6. Credits added to site (click "Created By: AJD")
7. Added SwagCodes to bottom panel
8. Added Donate button to intro screen  (and only that screen)
9. Enlarged the overall size of the App
10. Added new Icons
... and many more

Visit this website for more info on Swagbucks and the Swag App - http://how2earnswagbucks.blogspot.com/  Link

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