NAtural language Requirements Change Impact Analyzer) is an automated tool for analyzing the impact of requirements changes. When a change occurs in a requirements document, the tool computes a likelihood of impact for each requirements statement in the document. This allows users to concentrate on requirements that are most likely to be impacted. 


NARCIA is a web-based tool implemented in the Vaadin framework. It employs a number of Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques, notably text chunking and text similarity measures, for computing impact likelihoods. The key features of NARCIA are:
  • It treats changes to requirements as changes to phrases rather than to individual words.
  • It provides a mechanism that enables users to capture the rationale behind changes in an intuitive manner.
  • Based on the rationale elicited for a specific change, it computes the likelihood of each requirement being impacted by the change. In this way, the tool assists users in scoping their change management activities to requirements that are most likely to be impacted.
Tool maturity

NARCIA has been empirically evaluated using two industrial case studies - one from a satellite ground station simulator system from SESTechCom, and the second one from a mobile context-aware platform. The results indicate NARCIA is accurate and scalable.

NARCIA is accompanied by practical guidelines, particularly with regards to how users should interpret and use the impact likelihood results calculated by the tool.