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July 30: Version 2.0.9 released
Fix for logic with checking for case-insensitve file additions

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Subversion Notify is small executable that enables Subversion source control administrators, through a simple configuration file, to be able to control multiple repository paths for all pre- and post-commit hooks, enforcing commit regex requirements, integration with bug and task tracking systems and e-mail notification.

Key Features

Control at folder level

By using multiple <ReproPathConfig> elements, you have the granular control to alter the hook checks at any folder level. (Check out the sample SubversionNotify.cfg for set-up examples included in the download package)

Pre-commit checks:

  • Ensure the integrity of your repository by enforcing commit message standards
  • Restrict the types of files that can be committed (eliminate accidental commits of temporary or developer specific configuration files)
  • Enforce file type checks - files that can be committed, but require a special commit tag to make sure it's being committed as per your rules
  • Check against your task tracking/ bug tracking system to ensure it's a valid tracking item and your standards are enforced (no commits against closed bugs for example)

Post-commit processing:

  • Send out clean, HTML formatted e-mails of the files committed, with highlighted differences, to as many recipients as you choose
  • Customize your e-mail subject to allow for a quick reference, subject check of the committed files
  • Update your task tracking/bug tracking system

Pre-Prop change hook

  • If you want to allow property changes after a commit, you can implement pre-change checks to ensure that the proper message data is included to validate the change (a bug number for instance)

User Mapping

  • A new root level <UserMappings> element added. If your Subversion ID's don't match the user ID in Active Directory, you can use the <UserMapping> sub-elements to match them up and get access to e-mail address and full names right out of AD