Ink From My Sketchbook

I realize that it might strike some of you as surprising--perhaps alarming--that I was sketching you while you were unaware. That I was sketching you might be alarming because sketching a person requires looking at them, staring at them even; so, I admit that I was staring at you.  But I want to set your mind at ease.  Throughout our days we encounter many people; some people we stare at, but we never sketch them.  That is a shame!  People are beautiful and I am so thankful that I can sketch a tremendous human from time to time.  I chose to sketch you specifically because I think that you are a beautiful person, and I hope that you only take my action as a sincere compliment. 
Here is my dilemma: Do I give the sketch to you when I am done or do I post it on my website?  Give or post?  Give or post?  It is better to give than to post.  So to you who are visiting my site right now because I gave you a sketch: Your sketch is sadly not posted on my site, but happily, you are the owner of the original drawing.

Hootenany at the Wash Park Social Club, November 2010

Miss Jessica, Joliet Learning Center, November 2010
Miss Grace, Joliet Learning Center, November 2010
Miss Sarah, Joliet Learning Center, November 2010
Mr. Tim, Joliet Learning Center, November 2010
Streets Hope, September 2010 
Woman, Back View, August, 2010
Capote, August 2010
Mr. Oostema, July 2010
La Boheme, July 2010
Mrs. Elliott, July 2010
Mr. Elliott, July 2010
Rev. Aram Haroutunian, July 2010
Little One, July 2010
Nederlands vs. Brazil, The Hornet, July 2, 2010
Working on the Laptop, Tattered Cover, July 1, 2010
Tattered Cover, June 2010
Reading at the Tattered Cover, June 2010
Considering at Pablo's, Denver, Colorado, June 2010
Bass Player in Palisade, Colorado, June 2010
Singer in Palisade, Colorado, June 2010
Dingo, March 2010
Guest Preacher, May 2010
Boss Hog, May 2010
Large Sun Bathers in Ouray, June 2010
Matt Sitting on a Rock, June 2010