Pastor Sam!

The tradition of drawing the preacher while sitting in church is one fathered by my friend Mr. J. Hanson.  Hanson's tenacious determination to depict Pastor Dick throughout our high school years was a triumph of the will--as was his ultimate creation of The Dick Files--a zine that remains precious to Pastor Dick fans today.
I am so grateful for my wonderful parents who never discouraged me from drawing while sitting in church.  My dad, being a Baptist preacher, could have easily squelched my desire to draw when I was a child by banning my sketching in church.  Instead, he and my mom always have encouraged my artist pursuits. 
As a result of many Sundays of sketching, I have developed a habit of drawing for the sake of concentration.  So it was natural and appropriate for me to sketch the pastor of my church, Pastor Sam.  Little did I know that he is quite sketchable and has a face that, when sketched, seems to exude a vigilante presence; perhaps his vivacious gestures conjure up a heroic theme.  Whatever it is, thank you, Pastor Sam, for allowing me to post this rare collection of portraits.  We have appreciated your leadership at City Presbyterian Church in Denver.
The Hootenanny, Pastor Sam series, 2010
Okay Folks, Paster Sam series, 2010
Mulligan of the Head, Pastor Sam series, 2010
Offering and Offertory, Paster Sam series, 2010
Thin Sam (He just turned out that way.), Pastor Sam series, 2010
Gestures of Meaning, Pastor Sam series, 2010
On the Dotted Line, Pastor Sam series, 2010
Jesus Reassures People When They Are Struggling, Pastor Sam series, 2010
Rev. Sam Downing, Pastor Sam series, 2010
Making the Point, Pastor Sam series, 2010
In Our Hearts, Pastor Sam series, 2010
Sam with Hair, Pastor Sam series, 2010
Holy Raking Light, Pastor Sam series, 2010