Catechism for Young Children

Question Twelve: Does God know all things?  Answer: Yes; Nothing can be hid from God.
Question Eleven: Can you see God?  Answer: No; I cannot see God, but he always sees me.
Question Ten: Where is God?  Answer: God is everywhere.
Question Nine: What is God?  Answer: God is a spirit, and has not a body like humans.
Question Eight: What are they?  Answer: The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.
Question Seven: In how many persons does this one God exist?  Answer: In three persons.
Question Six: Are there more gods than one?  Answer: There is only one God.
Question Five: Why ought you to glorify God?  Answer: Because he made me and takes care of me.
Question Four: How can you glorify God?  Answer: By loving him and doing what he commands.
Question Three: Why did God make you and all things?  Answer: For his own glory.
Question Two: What else did God make?  Answer: God made all things.
Question One: Who made you?  Answer: God made me.