Self Portrait, 2009
Sarah Vander Neut was born in Eugene, Oregon in 1983.  Drawing people interested Vander Neut very much when she was young.  Her mother taught her how to sew at an early age.  Both drawing and sewing proved excellent methods for studying the human figure, which is a important part of Vander Neut's paintings and illustrations. 
Statement About Her Paintings:
I attended Baylor University, where I worked on staff at The Baylor Lariat, as the editorial cartoonist.  Then, I graduated from Boise State University with a Bachelors of Fine Art.  After an internship at the Boise Art Museum, I continued my studies at Denver Seminary, where I graduated with a Masters of Arts in Christian Studies; a degree that was independently geared towards art history of the church and philosophy.  Her thesis was titled, The Contemporary Image of Christ: A Case Study in Art Appreciation for Protestants.  While at Denver Seminary Vander Neut was commissioned to paint two large oil paintings, which are now permanently on display in the Harold and Virginia Simpson Leadership Building, signed "Sarah Lodwick," her maiden name. Upon graduation I attended the University of Denver, earning my certificate to teach kindergarten through twelfth-grade art.  I have taught the visual arts in public and private schools, as well as art history at Kilns College in Bend, Oregon.  As the art editor at City Presbyterian Church for four years, I curate, write about, and produce the artwork for the weekly liturgy.  I have illustrated two published children’s books and  Denver Seminary published my article, “Burning Art,” Denver Seminary Magazine, June, 2008.  I currently work as artist in Denver and I have also displayed my work in Oregon, Texas, Idaho, and Nebraska.     I try to create something new every day, a drawing, a card, a jacket, or a dish of macaroni.  Sometimes the best thing an artist can make is time to imagine.
"Artists who seek perfection in everything cannot attain it in anything." 
-Eugene Delacroix (1798-1863)
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