About the Apparel 2011

When I sew I want to use interesting fabrics.  Fabrics, not found in fabric stores, but in thrift stores, garage sales, and in the bottom of my husband’s closet.  I like the challenge of visualizing something new, elegant, and beautifully functional when I touch a salvaged fabric.  Fashion must head in a direction that is renewable and good for the world.  Fashion has always been an aesthetically beautiful addition to the lives of women, but now it is time for fashion to become an ethically beautiful choice as well.  When I design a dress I want to draw upon the riches of art history and that means, at least in this season, that I look to both Egyptian garb—its functionality, accents, and drapery—as well as the Native American proclivity for symbols, wearable meaning.  You might notice that I also had a lark digging into dinosaur themes; I can only explain that by clarifying that my art class of middle school students opened up a new world of imagination for me this year.  My special thanks to the help of my friends: Sara Knippa, Laura Saunders, Ginni Baker, and Tinne Loh.  You have helped an introvert with your friendship and graciousness!  -SVN, Sarah Vander Neut