6th & 7th Grade Fall Play

Cast members that exceed 3 non-school related absences may be reassigned roles.
 Parents we have several cast members that are very close to our 3 absence cut off, please make sure to notify of us if your cast member is not going to be at rehearsal.
Tuesday      10/18  Act 2       Theater
Wed.             10/19   Act 1      Cafeteria
Tuesday   10/25      Act 2      Cafeteria
Wed.          10/26       Act 1     Cafeteria
Thurs          10/27     Act 2     Cafeteria
Tuesday  11/1           Act 1   plus Tech   Cafeteria
Wed.         11/2            Act 2  plus Tech        Cafeteria  -   Special Note:  We may view Arthur and Guinevere dress rehearsal at 4pm, A & G will run until about 5:30.  We Will Rehearse until 4:00 plan to be at rehearsal until 4pm for sure.
Thursday 11/3            Act 1  plus Tech       Cafeteria