The Crew

Tim Ball  - British/Australian

Linda Lepine - Candian/Australian

Charlie The Ships Cat - True Blue Aussie

Matsu is our second boat and the one that we hope will carry us safely on our adventures for many years to come. This is the culmination of a dream we have shared for many years, and Tim has had since being a child and reading Swallows and Amazons books and turning the pages of an old atlas.

We had both sailed in dinghies and trailer sailers from a young age, but big boat sailing was restricted to an occasional charter in the Whitsundays region of Australia. In 2001 we bought our first real boat "Blue Lady" a Challenger 39. We sailed her locally in Melbourne, and then after moving to Sydney cruised Pittwater and local waters.

In early 2004 we sold our house, most of our possessions and gave up the corporate lifestyle finally taking the plunge and moving aboard full time in July 2004.

Throughout 2004 and 2005 we cruised the Australian east coast, learning about cruising and realising that sailing is the easy part. Unblocking toilets, fixing diesel engines, tracing electrical wiring, baking bread and getting home safely in the dinghy after sun downers being far more important skills.

By the end of 2005 after 18 months and 5000 miles, we knew that full time cruising was what we wanted to do, and that a boat Tim could stand up in, with enough storage space for all the full time cruising junk would make life even more enjoyable.

We decided to go back to work for 2006, still living aboard Blue Lady, saving hard and spent hours on the internet looking for our dream boat. In November 2006 we flew to the USA to look at a shortlist of 44-46' boats and then saw, fell in love with and bought Matsu! A lot bigger than we had planned but exactly what we wanted.

We moved aboard Matsu on 31st March 2007 in Fort Lauderdale to restart cruising after a 14 month break.