Einat Gil, Ph.D.

Design of Learning Environments & Research in Education

In Sviv-lemida* you can find information about my professional and academic life as it evolves. Professionally, I design and develop learning environments in technology-rich inquiry-based settings. Academically, my research is based in the realms of the learning sciences and education, with a focus over the past 9 years within the content knowledge of statistics education (that is, how students explore interesting questions and infer about the world with data, technology and explanations). Still, my background lies within educational technologies and social sciences.

My encounters with educational technologies along the years has taken different perspectives and angles: As a designer of course-wares, a research assistant and coordinator, in authoring and R&D'ing books and curriculum, as an instructional designer in eLearning courses, as a teacher and a sessional lecturer, and as a student and a researcher of the learning sciences and as the head of college unit for the integration of technologies in teaching. These experiences, together with the values I hold for education, have contributed to me and to projects I have taken part in. In this website, I will lay out some of the outcomes of these experiences.     


* "Sviv" means in Hebrew around, and is also the main part of the word environment. "Lemida" means learning; So, sviv-lemida is around learning and to do with learning environments.