Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
May recommendation is to protect families! 
Fr Velibor 

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Now is the time to help our neighbours and friends understand the consequences of a Yes vote. This campaign will now be decided by which side is prepared to work the hardest to ‘Get Out the Vote’.

As of Friday, 6 October 2017, the ABS estimated it has received 10.0 million (62.5 per cent) survey forms.

With 1 in 3 ballot papers yet to be sent back, we need to make every one of the last 22 days count and ensure that we influence the remaining 37.5 per cent, or 6 million eligible Australians, to vote ‘No’ in order to maintain man+woman marriage in this country.


* Make sure you post your vote back immediately.

* Talk to family, friends and acquaintances about the consequences of changing marriage law and urge them to vote ‘No’

* Join the Coalition for Marriage and volunteer to help with phoning or door knocking

* Eligible Australians have until 6pm (local time) on Friday, 20 October 2017 to order a replacement survey form if it never arrived, has been lost or damaged. To order another form, phone 1800 572 113 or order online here.

Prayerfully Yours,

Speak up for Marriage Team


Paraklesis (Supplication) Service to the Theotokos, ‘Bride of God & Protectress of Marriage’


Gender Dysphoria : A Scientifically Baseless Diagnostic and Treatment Paradigm

N.T. push to remove freedoms is a blueprint for what’s to come

WATCH what 'Safe' Schools exposes your children to without your consent.

Paraklesis Video

On 17 September 2017 a great number of faithful gathered together to pray to the Theotokos, 'Bride of God & Protectress of Marriage’ beseeching Her, in view of the same-sex ‘marriage’ postal vote. It was truly a most inspiration occasion. (Watch here)

Greek Australian doctor on the dangers of gender theory

The challenge we face today, is to maintain rigorous discernment and objectivity despite the concern we all feel when greeted by a “girl trapped in a boy’s body”; a claim which we are witnessing in increasing numbers.(Read on>)

 Watch here the dangerous ideology Safe Schools exposes our children -
Daniel Andrews plans to roll out dangerous Safe Schools ideology in all Victorian schools in 2018. (Watch Here>)

Unprecended attack on Christians - N.T. push to remove freedoms is a blueprint for what's to come

An extraordinary proposal from the Northern Territory government to introduce the tightest restrictions on free speech and freedom of religion is a blueprint for the types of laws which would follow a change to the marriage law (Read on>)

Icon Now Available

The icon of the "Theotokos, Bride of God & Protectress of Marriage is now available. 

Мезитељи човечанства против нормалног брака

Драга Браћо и Сестре,

Пажљиво погледајте филм о тзв. "сексуалном образовању" иза кога, у целом свету, стоје мрзитељи човечанства. 

После овога ће вам бити јасно куда нас воде светске вође.

YouTube Video

Погледајте и овај линк па ћете видети да и наши суграђени Аустралијанци брину о будућности своје деце.

Молим Вас да са овим упознате и своје млађе.

Вама у Господу одан прота Велибор

Take action: call for a people's vote on marriage 

To the Honourable President and members of the Senate in Parliament assembled:

The petition of the undersigned shows:

Changing the legal definition of marriage would have profound consequences for our society.

All Australians deserve to have their say about its future.

In 2016 the Coalition Government was re-elected after promising to hold a plebiscite to settle Australia’s long-running marriage debate.

Your petitioners ask that the Senate respects the will of the Australia people and passes enabling legislation for a plebiscite on marriage to be held.

Australian Christian Lobby