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Welcome on my website!

My name is Atie Bernet, 

Hope you enjoy looking on all facilities of this site, from compositions to poems and paintings (like above).
Below are some video's of my compositions... the rest is up to you.

Video: three of my compositions, are to be seen and heard on video (search for "Video" in the left column)
         1. String-trio for beginners
         2. Tarantella for clarinet and tenor-saxophone
         3. Summerwaltz from Grythyttan 

You can look around, if you like to have a composition, you can buy one (evt. + CD-recording). When you want, you can also order a "Play-along"-CD of  a composition. You even can send a PDF to me, which I can change into a mp3 and/or put it on a CD.
For more information:  mail to:

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"Martha and Maria"