Useful Commands

List of useful commands that might be helpful in map testing, or taking a screenshots. Access the console with "~" key.
In addition of those commands:

Command CodeFunctionDefault
 sv_cheats 0/1 Disable/Enable cheats. Some commands below may not work unless sv_cheats is set to 1.OFF
 impulse 50 Toggle HUD. It also toggles player's item_suit(weapons switch or pickups won't be possible).-
 impulse 101 Give all weapons to player.-
 r_drawviewmodel 0/1 Hide/Show weapon view model.Show
 crosshair 0/1 Hide/Show weapon crosshair.Show
 net_graph 0/1/2/3 Show advanced info about fps, performance loss, rendered polygons e.t.c. OFF
 restart Restart the current map. Removes decals and restarts position/settings of all entities.-
 r_speed 0/1 Show current number of polygons and entity polygins. OFF
 gl_wireframe 0/1/2 Toggle wireframe rendering mode. Useful for seeing what engine renders at the moment. OFF
 cl_precachecount Show number of currently precached models, and limits to it.-
 gibme / kill Suicide. First command also simulates being gibbed.-
 myinfo Show very detailed statistics about you as a player-
 mapinfo Show number of entites, models and sprites with their respective limits.-