Other Files

Banan's Updated FGD for Jackhammer (need small update for 5.09 version)

For Sven Co-op 5.03 version. Specially designed for Jackhammer, feature-rich FGD that will ease you mapping time even more!
  • Almost all entities gets their model/sprites representatives
  • Corrected offsets, angles and sequences of entities
  • Added monster type dropdown menu in all monsterspawners
  • Used Jackhammer features like rendition of light sources as octahedrons in 2d, links to entity guide in every entity
  • And more!
Portrait pack that replaces ugly and poster-like portraits with more appropriate previews similar to classic portraits- 
with whole model visible, black background, and without graphical effects, additional text or bad quality images.

This pack replaces 33 portraits: aswat, barniel, betagordon, boris, cl_suit, etac, fassn, junctionpunch, kate, madscientist, mandalorian, massn, obi09, otis, punisher, rgrunt, scientist2 (just fixed portrait missing from in-game menu), selene, sieni, all They Hunger portraits, trinityrage and uscm.

Collection of Sven-Co-op HD models,decals and sounds from different HD packs. 
Recommended for faster computers only. The pack Contains:
  • Sounds: quieter pistol sounds, original half-life assault rifle sound, new shotgun sounds, new grenade hit sound, new less annoying crowbar sounds
  • Models: new turrets (ceiling and floor, big and small), breakable gibs pack, hornet gun, stukabat, roach, otis, ichthyosaur,
    male assasin, houndeye, human/alien gibs, headcrab, alien controller, crossbow bolts, chumtoad, bullsquid, apache, cans models, alien grunt, headcrab, drill
  • Decals: blood human/alien, ground blood pools, bullet holes, bloody hands, glass impact, gauss shot, garg stomp, explosion, bloody footsteps, bigmomma blob, opposing force corches with coloured shockroach impact, bullsquid split
  • Textures: replaced sky textures