Entity Overview

General entity overview with short explanation and tag list. Check Entity Guide for more detailed information about entities.
Not all entities are listed, some of them are unsuable, deprecated or just missing.

Point Entities 
 NAME DescriptionTags
 aiscripted_sequence Controls monster behaviors, allows to animate monsters. Overriding AI. animation action
 ambient_generic The sound Entity. Plays any type of sound. sound music
 ammo_  The ammo entities. weapon item player
 custom_precache Loads to memory specified entities before map start. memory optimization
 cycler Displays model, change state on shoot. Bleed on damage. model
 cycler_wreckage Emit smoke when triggered. effect smoke
 env_beam Create a beam between two points. effect laser
 env_beverage The soda dispenser. Used for vending machine. spawn model
 env_blood Emit blood. effect gore
 env_explosion Simulate explosion with specified damage. effect damage
 env_fade Fade the whole screen, Any color, fade out/fade in or static color override. effect screen black
 env_fog Create global fog, any color. effect fog
 env_funnel The funnel from half life 1. effect
 env_global Turns entities into global entities that works between maps. logic
 env_laser Create a laser between two points. effect laser
 env_render Changes the render properties of any entity. effect setting
 env_sentence Announcement speech. sound voice dialogue
 env_shake Shake the screen. effect screen
 env_shooter Spawn a models/sprites with simulated physics. effect gib spawn
 env_sound Apply an environmental effect to sound in specified radius. effect sound echo
 env_spark Produce a spark effect. effect spark
 env_sprite Render a 2d images to simulate fire, glow, smoke, flare, teleport, muzzle e.t.c. effect image
 env_spritetrain The same as above, but can also move along path_corners. effect image move
 env_xenmaker Sound + visual effect monster spawning, like those from half life (xen portal). effect spawn monster
 game_counter Triggers specified entity after reaching certain value. math logic
 game_counter_set Override the value of chosen game_counter. math logic
 game_end Ends the map, loads a next map. end freeze level
 game_player_counter Triggers under certain player count on the map. math player server
 game_player_equip Manage player equip. weapon item player
 game_player_hurt Damage an activator. player damage
 game_score Gives points to the triggering player. player
 game_slot_counter Trigger on certain number of available server player slots. math server
 game_text Advance text displaying on screen. screen text
 gibshooter Shoot a human gibs. gib spawn gore
 global_light_control Change the properties of all light on the map. light setting
 info_angularfade Change light contrast of light fading on surfaces. light setting fade
 info_bigmomma Controls monster_bigmomma's behavior. action monster
 info_node Used for creating navigation points for monsters. action monster
 info_node_air Like above, but for flying monsters. action monster
 info_overview_point Shows all vis leafs from certain area. view map leafs
 info_null Used for light spot entities. light direction
 info_player_deathmatch Player start point. Can be changed. spawn player
 info_smoothvalue Customize smoothing on brush edges. light setting shadow fade
 info_sunlight Overrides light settings that affects models on exterior areas. light control shadow global
 info_target Invisible target for trigger_camera or env_laser or env_beam. direction
 info_teleport_destination Target for trigger_teleport to where players will be teleported to. teleport direction
 info_texlight List of textures that will produce light. Only used with normal edit mode. light compile texture
 info_translucent Change chosen texture behavior to act like it's been translucent. light shadow color glass
 infodecal Decal. Can be placed using "Apply decal" tool. texture paint gore
 item_ Item entities. (medical kit, armor, long jump module, key card, HEV suit e.t.c.).
 item health
 item_generic Used for placing models. model
 item_inventory Advanced item supported by many other entities, can be dropped and more... item key menu drop
 light Standard point light. light
 light_bounce Toggle light bouncing from appearing/disappearing brushes. light setting
 light_environment  Global sky light. Simulate sun.moon e.t.c. light
 light_shadow Toggle shadow casting from appearing/disappearing brushes. light setting shadow
 light_spot Spotlight. light
 light_surface Advanced and more customizable info_texlight light compile texture
 monster_ NPC entities. Monsters, humans, allies, enemy, machines, turrets e.t.c. opponents npc ai
 monstermaker Spawns a monster when triggered, or on map start. opponents npc ai
 multi_manager Triggers more than one target with different name. logic target
 multisource Lock/unlock entity after receiving ON input from all possible callers. lock disable logic
 op4mortar Controllable (or not controllable if set) big weapon. weapon
 path_condition Awaits future implementation. move
 path_condition_controller Awaits future implementation. move
 path_corner Used for func_train and other entities for specifying moving path. move platform
 path_track Function same as above but only for func_tracktrain entity. move platform
 path_waypoint Awaits future implementation. move
 player_weaponstrip Removes all weapon from player(s) equip. player weapon
 scripted_sentence Allows monster "speak". action dialogue voice
 scripted_sequence Controls monster behaviors, allows to animate monsters animation action
 speaker Random announcement speech. sound voice dialogue
 squadmaker Advanced, more customizable monstermaker. Spawn monster or the squad. opponents npc ai
 target_cdaudio Plays chosen game track. Similar to trigger_cdaudio. music sound
 trigger_auto Triggers at map start. logic new game
 trigger_camera Controls the player view. camera screen view
 trigger_change_class Changing the classification o chosen entity (monster, breakable e.t.c.) opponents setting
 trigger_changemaxammo Change ammo limits on players. setting ammo player
 trigger_changemodel Change the "model" of any entity. model setting
 trigger_changetarget Change the "target" of any entity. setting
 trigger_changevalue Changes any entity value. Advanced keyvalues functions. logic setting
 trigger_condition Compares values of two entity. logic
 trigger_copyvalue More complex trigger_changevalue entity, with powerful logic functions. logic setting compare
 trigger_createentity Create an entity in runtime with custom, new or copied keyvalues/flags. spawn setting
 trigger_cyclicobserver Control how free roaming mode (observer mode) works. camera respawn
 trigger_entity_iterator Force specified entity(or entities) to trigger another entities. logic
 trigger_hurt_remote Change health/armor of entities with specified class/targetname. player damage
 trigger_lookat Face the specified entity to another one. look action move
 trigger_numericdisplay Change frame of textures on brush, based on key values from other entities. logic setting animated
 trigger_random Triggers the randomly picked entity from list. logic multiple
 trigger_relay Triggers entity with chosen state, can remove another entity simultaneously. logic on off toggle kill
 trigger_renameplayer Changes activators (only players) name. Used for changing players settings. logic player setting
 trigger_respawn Respawns the dead players, and move alive players to their spawn points. teleport player move
 trigger_script Execute script at runtime. angelscript code event
 trigger_setcvar Set the server variable (input command into console). setting global
 trigger_setorigin Set the entity origin relative to other entity position. setting move teleport
 trigger_track_goal Force func_tracktrain to move to the specified path. setting move platform
 trigger_vote Starts a vote. Triggers something depending on vote results. player choose
 weapon_ The weapon entities. player weapon item
 weaponbox Pickable. Gives specified weapons and ammo. player weapon item
 worldspawn Map settings, replacements, sky texture e.t.c. Access through map properties. map fog sky monster walk
 xen_ A few types of Xen vegetation entities. model

Brush Entities 
 button_target A button, that activates on shot or shot and use. press switch
 env_bubbles Generates bubbles inside of it's volume. effect water
 func_breakable A brush that can be break by damaging it. Explosion can be set. crate glass destroy
 func_button A simple button, trigger on activation. Used for buttons, switches e.t.c. press move use
 func_clip Prevent specified entities from moving through it. For players use 'clip' brush. wall stop block barrier
 func_conveyor A walkable conveyor belt that can transport  entities. move platform 
 func_door A simple door that moves in certain direction. Have func_breakable functions. open close move
 func_door_rotating A door that rotates around 'origin' brush. Have func_breakable functions. open close rotate
 func_detail Turns complex and small brushes into detail brush, so it will improve performance. small complex
 func_friction Turns the brush into walkable friction area. slide slow speed move
 func_guntarget Breakable func_train. platform destroy move
 func_group Old grouping method, still usable by some other entities. grouping
 func_healthcharger Turns the brush into health charger. player heal use
 func_illusionary Brush became walkable and have no collision. optimization
 func_ladder Moving in this brush volume simulates ladder mount. fly climb rope
 func_monsterclip Blocks all monsters with "monster clip" flag checked. wall stop barrier
 func_mortar_field Mortar strike area. gun explosion air
 func_op4mortarcontroller Button that controls op4mortar point entity. button gun aim use
 func_pendulum Brush that rotates around specified axis. Simulate pendulum. move rotate
 func_plat Vertically moving platform. move up down
 func_platrot Like above, but rotates around it's origin. move up down rotate
 func_pushable Simulates object that can be pushed along the floor or lifted high up in the air. move slide bring
 func_recharge HEV suit charger. Recharges battery. player armor shield
 func_rot_button A button that rotates around it's origin. Used for levers, cranks, valves e.t.c. press move rotate use
 func_rotating A brush that rotates around it's origin. move rotate
 func_tank Turns the brush into mounted turret. The stationary gun you can control. gun weapon
 func_tankcontrols Used for controls all "func_tank_" weapons. gun aim use
 func_tanklaser Like func_tank but shooting the laser beam instead of bullets. gun weapon
 func_tankmortar Like func_tank but shooting an explosives instead of bullets. gun weapon
 func_tankrocket Like above but shooting projectile similar to the one from RPG rocket launcher. gun weapon
 func_trackautochange Allows to change or move the part of (controlled or not) "func_tracktrain" path.  move platform rotate
 func_trackchange Simple "func_tracktrain" rotating platform that changes controllable train path. move platform rotate
 func_tracktrain Advance Train that can be controlled by player. move platform rotate
 func_train Simple Train that moves along "path_corners". Can be used as laser target. move platform beam
 func_traincontrols Used for controlling "func_tracktrain". Moves with "func_tracktrain" train as well. move platform use
 func_wall Allows to apply special effects on this brush (transparency, invisibility, color). color optimization
 func_wall_toggle Like above but can appear or disappear. wall on off invisible
 func_water Simulate water. Include movement, damaging and waving.  lava toxic sink
 game_zone_player Allows to trigger entities whatever players are inside or outside this brush. logic player trigger
 info_hullshape Modify collision and hull info on certain brush-player collision calculations. compile surf stuck
 momentary_door Moving brush that be controlled through "momentary_rot_button". door move linear
 momentary_rot_button Opening the door as long as it's used. Doors slowly closes when players stops. button control linear
 player_respawn_zone Respawns all player inside or outside it. Works like "trigger_respawn". teleport player move
 trigger_cameratarget A brush that can be clicked when enabling clicking mode in camera view. mouse input view
 trigger_cdaudio Plays chosen game track. Similar to target_cdaudio.
 music sound
 trigger_changelevel Changes map to another. This is one way process in Sven Co-op. level map server
 trigger_gravity Changes the activator gravity amount when triggered. move fly gravitation
 trigger_hurt Apply a damage to specified entity. Can be set to negative for heal. damage heal xen
 trigger_monsterjump Allows monsters to perform jump. Monster can get to lower platform without it. monster move fly
 trigger_multiple Triggers something multiple times. action logic touch
 trigger_once Triggers something once. action logic touch
 trigger_push Pushing entities in certain direction when touched. action move fly
 trigger_releport Teleporting to "info_teleport_destination" specified entities. player move