New Mapping site for developers. News about Sven Co-op and other popular Half Life Mods. Resources for map makers and tutorials.
Tutorials based on Jackhammer editor.

Many mapping sites down, but classic Level design is still alive. If you like old games mapping, and want to become a Sven co-op mapper- this site is for you. Useful resources for both beginner and intermediate mappers. Some tutorials would help you in Half-Life, Counter Strike and other GoldSrc mods Mapping.

This site is created with collaboration of Silencer- member of the SC team who created original early version of entity guide, and Trempler- member of the SC team who helped me a lot building entity guide. All of hard work I performed creating this site I did for you- the community of Sven Co-op game. Thanks to the Sven
Co-op Team for adding me to your wonderful development group, so I can take a part in creating Sven Co-op game. Also thanks to Jackhammer Editor Team for making mapping funny and pleasant again, thanks to all the community members for all the useful suggestions.