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Sven Co-op 5.0 Released


Jackhammer Beta 1.1.855 Available!
New version of Jackhammer is available for download here. Major features:
    • Dynamic Sky redition
    • Keep logical connection during duplicate/copying entities
    • Updated arch tool
    • Auto-connecting entities (Ctrl+K)
    • Revised snapping to grid
    • More useful functions, a lot of minor improvements and bug fixes
View full changelog here.

Development Bar
Want to know more about all updates coming through Sven Co-op Manor? All minor and major updates will be now listed in development bar on the right of this page. Don't miss any updates!

Brent Holowka, known as BackAssward on the forums, passed away on October 9th, 2015. He was 37 years old.

The exact cause of death was unknown at the time his wife contacted us, but the ER doctor put down coronary.

Brent helped with testing, planning and programming on Sven Co-op in addition to several miscellaneous tasks. More importantly, he was a great guy who genuinely cared about other team and forum members. I enjoyed his company, and he'll definitely be missed by myself and the community here. While it of course provides no consolation, the team intends to dedicate the 5.0 release to him.

Our thoughts and deepest sympathies go out to Brent's wife, who is naturally the most affected by this tragedy. Condolence messages posted in the comments will be passed on to her, but if you need to get in direct contactfor any reason, please let us know.

Source: SCForum

New Entity Guide Available
Entity guide with all entities described is available in SC Manor! This is an updated Silencers'/Zyl's entity guide with hundreds of fixes, updates, and new entries. Use this guide to check what desired keyvalues or flags do for each entity. Have fun mapping!

Sven Co-op Manor renovation complete!
Complete site renovation has ended.

Sven Co-op Closed Beta Testing
Sven Co-op Beta singups has begin! Follow these news to receive more information:

Beta singup info:

New version info & changelog:

You can check new changelog here:

Sven Co-op Manor is being rebuilt!
You may experience strange issues or missing content while the site is under renovation. Some of changes:
    • New logo and graphics
    • New tutorial selection page
    • Tutorials pages redesign
    • "Other files" section update
    • Other subpages edit, font fixes and changes

Jackhammer Beta 1.1.700 Available!
New version of Jackhammer is available for download here. Major features:
    • Hull file can be opened in editor
    • Model viewer can be easily accessed from editor (right click on model-->view model)
    • Colored textures, blue edges in transparent textures removed
    • Fast texture rotation and new texture applying mode in surface properties window
    • Smooth frame rate (can locked at 60 fps), expanded render distance
    • Mouse grab multi-selecting, inverting selection
    • Compiling in background
    • New shortcuts, a lot of minor improvements and bug fixes
View full changelog here.

Jackhammer Version 1.1 Released!
XaeroX has uploaded new version of jackhammer on ModDB for Windows and Linux. It give some new features and recreates some Valve Hammer Editor functions. Notable features (for GoldSrc engine):
    • UV texture lock 
    • Path tool
    • Auto-saving
    • Texture Animating
    • Locking position of previously selected brush when creating new brush
    • Some new interface elements
And much more. Check the article here for more details and download links.

Upcoming Features in Sven Co-op v5.0
SC team have shared a list of upcoming SC 5.0 features. The change log includes:
    • new scripting system for mapping and server plugins, this is powerful feature that will completely revolutionize SC mapping
    • inventory system allows you to add items to your inventory that can be dropped, used in certain situations or on entities.
    • models scaling system that allows you to scale the monster through editor or even in-game. Collision will be scaled equally
    • new A.I. related entities that will give you more control over monsters
    • players keep their items/weapons/ammo on level change! Finally!
    • new player animations included: unarmed walk, barnacle grab, keyboard typing
    • new footsteps sound effects, more materials sounds assigned to vanilla textures, some monsters footstep fixes
    • increased possibly map size, extended map limits
And some mapping-related major features:
    • more texture preview in hammer editor (192x and 256x)
    • extended coordinates for Hammer Editor. Increased View distance
    • new flag for player to prevent using weapons
    • new flags for brush entities related to animating textures
    • func_tracktrain and func_train can have it's own global sounds replacement. They gain new keyvalue for single replacement
    • fixed a lot of entities not able to trigger something, or using the "delay" keyvalue. Also removed some obsolete entities
    • Sven Co-op SDK will be available through Steam with Vluzacn's compile tools
    • info_teleport_destination have new flag that allows to trigger things after arrival
    • info_node's have new flags related to new A.I. system. Monsters keyvalues are also prepared for new A.I. pathing system
    • we can configure trigger_changelevel whatever we want weapons and ammo transfer to a new map or not
And much more. Check the article here, or see the post on SC forum. You can also check current changelog: 5.0 Changelog.

Added info about wildcards in entity guide Game Triggering System section;

Updated Entity Overview;

Updated Useful Commands;

Finished I/O Reaction Reference in Entity Guide; 5/06/2016

Updated game_zone_player;

Updated func_guntarget with more clear info; 3/06/2016

Updated env_fog 
and multisource; 30/05/2016

Updated button_target; 7/03/2016

Updated all monsters with new icons; 29/02/2016

Updated item_inventory and added missing weapon_shockrifle; 28/02/2016

Updated all weapon, items and ammo entities with new graphics; 28/02/2016

Updated env_beam, 'Ring' flag; 25/02/2016

New subsection type for entity in entity guide: changes- describes all changes made from 4.8 version up, it's now work in progress; 25/02/2016

Updated all random point triggers, '_unique' and '_time' random triggers movedto obsolete section in entity guide; 24/02/2016

Sky list updated successfully; 24/02/2016

Updated sky list, so now the default list is archived and the new list is under construction; 20/02/2016

Sprite list updated successfully; 19/02/2016

Updated sprite list, so now the default list is archived and the new list is under construction. Archived version of sprite list has it's formatting updated; 18/02/2016

Updated func_pushable with info about obsolete "hull size" keyvalue; 16/02/2016

Trigger_random_time has been updated; 7/02/2016

Site has been updated with various style/colours updates; 7/02/2016

AngelScript subguide in entity guide has been removed from future plans; 7/02/2016

Added new file to download; 31/01/2016

Added new useful link (; 25/01/2016

Entity guide has been greatly updated with new FGD info from 5.0 Steam version; 23/01/2016

Input reaction reference update; 16/01/2016

Updated monster relation table in entity guide; 10/01/2016

Updated cutscenes tutorial- animation sections; 7/01/2016

Updated scripted_sequence with a lot of new info- mostly bugs; 7/01/2016

Updated path_corner and path_track with more reliable info, considered more possible scenarios; 7/01/2016

Added anchor points to item entities in entity guide; 7/01/2016

Added anchor points to ammo and weapon entities in entity guide; 6/01/2016

Updated multisource and light entities with more reliable and detailed info; 4/01/2016

Added Entity CVARs subsection in entity guide WIP; 3/01/2016

Moved material sounds from entity guide to main Sven Co-op list; 3/01/2016

Updated all monsters, ammo items, weapons and a lot of other entities; with missing info 2/01/2016

Model, Sprites, Sky, Map List are beign prepared for new Sven Co-op Release; 1/01/2016

Updated all weapon_ entities with weapon-specific flags and keyvalues, especially weapon_displacer; 1/01/2016

Updated game_player_equip and all monster_ entities with trigger condition reference;31/12/2015

Added thumbnails to entities:
func_ladder, func_clip, func_button, trigger_hurt
in entity guide; 27/12/2015

Marked the differences between current SC version and upcoming Steam versionin Entity Guide; 27/12/2015

Added new collision types
in "Advanced Compilation" tutorial, renamed "Entity Blocking" to "Entity Collision" section name; 27/12/2015

Added new graphic for future AngelScript subpage in Entity Guide; 26/12/2015

Added Inventory Rules keys to 12 entities which are fully-

integrated with upcoming inventory entity; 26/12/2015

Renamed tutorial: Advanced Light, now it's Advanced Compilation; 29/10/2015

Tutorial Completed: Advanced Light for a total of 17 subse- ctions (9 new); 28/10/2015

New tutorial subsection: Browsing, Choosing and Positioning Animation in Cutscene and Action Control Tutorial; 27/10/2015

New tutorial subsection: Mirror Floor Trick in Advanced Light Tutorial; 27/10/2015

New tutorial: Advanced Light (in progress); 26/10/2015