Health & Social Justice Reading Group
Term II, Spring 2009        UCL CPJH Human right to health conference May 12-13, 2009

 UCL Health and Justice Seminar

Term II, Spring 2009 


Tuesdays 4:00 – 5:30


Room G20, 1-19 Torrington Place

(corner Tottenham Ct Rd./ Across from Planet Organic Store)


Contacts: Sridhar Venkatapuram or

                        James Wilson James



January 20, 2009


Wikler, D. (2004). Personal and social responsibility for health. In S. Anand, F. Peter & A. K. Sen (Eds.), Public health, ethics and equity pp. 109-134). Oxford ; New York: Oxford University Press.



January 27, 2009


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February 3, 2009


Powers, M., & Faden, R. R. (2006). Social justice: the moral foundations of public health and health policy. New York ; Oxford: Oxford University Press, Chapter 4.

SJHealthch4.pdf SJHealthch4p82.pdf


February 10, 2009


Ruger, J. P. (2006). Toward a theory of a right to health: Capability and incompletely theorized agreements. Yale Journal of Law and Humanities, 18, 273-326.



February 17, 2009 ( no seminar)


February 24, 2009


Wilson, J. (manuscript). The Primacy of Justice in Public Health



March 3, 2009


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March 10, 2009



March 17, 2009

Wolff, J. (2009). Disability, status enhancement, personal enhancement and resource allocation. Economics And Philosophy, 25, 49-68.



 March 24, 2009

Crockett, R., Wilkinson, T. M., & Marteau, T. M. (2008). Social patterning of screening uptake and the impact of facilitating informed choices: psychological and ethical analyses. Health Care Anal, 16(1), 17-30.




 Selgelid, M. J. (2005). Ethics and infectious disease. Bioethics, 19(3), 272-289.



May 12 -13, 2009

UCL Human Right to Health Conference




Term 1, 2008

October 1

Daniels, N.  Equality of What: Welfare, Resources, or Capabilities?



October 8

Cuyler, AJ.  Equality of What in Health Policy? Conflicts Between the Contenders.



October 15

Krieger, N.  Epidemiology and the Web of Causation: Has Anyone Seen the Spider?



October 22

Rothman, KJ.  Should the Mission of Epidemiology Include the Eradication of Poverty? 


Singer, P.  Famine, Affluence, and Morality.



October 29

Sen, AK.  Why Health Equity?



November 12 (two readings)

Whitehead, M.  The Concepts and Principles of Equity and Health.



Wilson, James.  Health inequalities and health inequities.


November 19

Marmot, M.  Health in an unequal world. Social circumstances, biology and disease.



November 26

Daniels, N. Justice, Health and Healthcare.



December 3

Williams, A.  Economics, Ethics and the public in health care policy.



December 8 & 9

Social Determinants of health and social justice conference