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This page provides information for new and experienced riders.

Group riding

Please click on this link British Cycling guide to group riding

Please click on this link for Cycling UK Guide to Cycling in a Group

Riding Etiquette

In a group it is essential to cycle in a disciplined manner for your own and others’ safety. The guidelines below are designed to make your ride as enjoyable as possible:

Always maintain full control of your cycle and follow a steady course

Keep an adequate safety gap between you and the cycle in front

Every rider should be aware of the person behind. If you turn a corner you must check that the person behind has seen you.

It is OK to cycle two abreast on quiet roads and lanes. When you need to move into single file this is usually done by the outside rider coming in behind the nearside one

Always cycle in single file if there are double white lines, on busy roads, if the road is narrow and you can’t see oncoming traffic or if double file is preventing cars from overtaking

It is OK to overtake the leader up hills, but wait in a safe place at the top for the group to re-form. Otherwise don’t overtake the leader without permission

If experienced riders are having difficulty keeping up with the main group, they and the leader should discuss whether the group would be better split

When riding in the rain or when the roads are wet please consider others and use a bike with mudguards. If you find yourself in a position where it is wet and you have no mudguards please ride  at the back of the group to avoid spraying those behind you.

Bike maintenance

For help with maintaining your bike either talk to another club member or click on one of these links: 

Riding your Bike Safely

For good advice on how you can ride your bike safely click on one of these links: