Members forum

Club members may join this group to use it as a discussion forum or to view contact details of other club members. The forum is accessed using a browser interface. An example of a topic could be "disc brakes versus rim brakes"

The process to join the forum group is:
  1. click on this link join the forum
  2. click on "sign in to view this group"
  3. if you have a Google account supply your logon and password details; if you do not then click "create account" and complete the process but you can keep your old email address
  4. click on "apply for membership"
  5. when the application box appears click "edit" by your display name to check or correct it, select your email delivery preference for the forum and then click "apply to join this group" and you will be told that your membership is pending approval
  6. wait for your request to be approved by the committee when you will be advised via email
The process to take part in the forum is:
  1. click on this link access the forum
  2. select an existing topic or click on "new topic"
  3. create and post your comment