Information about the Data Protection Act is available here . 

Information about the General Data Protection Regulation which becomes law from May 2018 is available here . 

The club will comply with these laws, in particular by adhering to the following guidelines:

  1. The club will only record personal data required for the running of the club. Essentially this consists of contact details for ride leaders, minutes of committee meetings, photos of club activities and discussion forums. 
  2. Club members self-register their email address details in the knowledge that they will receive club-wide communications.
  3. Ride leaders self-register their contact details in the knowledge that club members may contact them for advice. 
  4. The club will not process any personal data that is designated as "sensitive" under the DPA or "special category" under the GDPR
  5. The club will not process any personal data about minors
  6. The club will respect the wishes of club members not to be included in photos
  7. The club will only retain personal information whilst people are members of the club
  8. The club is under no obligation to register under the DPA because it only processes personal data for recreational reasons