Privacy Policy

Information about the General Data Protection Regulation is available here . It should be noted that even after leaving the EU, the UK will comply with the GDPR.

Cycling Uk's privacy policy is available here . 

The club stores and processes the following personal data on its Google Sites website and Google Groups distribution group: contact details for club members and ride leaders. Club members and ride leaders self-register this personal data. Google has signed the US EU Privacy Shield thereby allowing EU and UK organisations to use US based processors. Google provides the highest levels of security for data store on its systems. Data is retained on these two systems until club members either unsubscribe or contact the club secretary to unsubscribe.

The club stores and processes the following personal data on personal computers operated by club officers: minutes of club meetings, register of ride attendees. Data on these systems is retained for one year.

The club does not store any data that is designated as "special category" or is related to minors. 

The club does not transfer any personal data to any other organisation or location. 

The club provides the following rights for club members who should contact the club secretary to exercise these rights:
    • right to be informed
    • right of access
    • right of rectification
    • right of erasure
    • right to restrict processing
    • right of data porting
    • right to object
    • right to be advised of any automate decision making
The club will advise the ICO of any data breaches within 72 hours when feasible.