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AGM 14th October 2017

posted 21 Oct 2017, 05:27 by stroudvalleys cc   [ updated 21 Oct 2017, 06:00 ]

Thank you to all members who attended the SVCC AGM. There were 21 members attending and apologies from 7 members - some of whom felt that cycling in Majorca was a reasonable excuse not to be there! 
The winner of the Points Trophy this year was Tony Haylor with 104 rides.
A full list of ride statistics is available below. 
We discussed the possibility of a Ride Leader Trophy and talked about rider discipline and etiquette - more to follow on this soon. 

Top of the Points

posted 19 Nov 2016, 09:34 by stroudvalleys cc

Top of the Points list and other information about rides last year can now be downloaded from the website. Go to Ride Lists - Old and click on Rides October 2015 to September 2016. 

NCN Route 45

posted 24 Aug 2016, 01:33 by stroudvalleys cc   [ updated 17 Sep 2016, 01:16 ]

The National Cycle Network Route 45 between Gloucester and Maisemore has a diversion at the moment because the boardwalk section is broken. The diversion involves cycling on the busy A417, crossing this road twice and cycling on a narrow footpath next to the road. Can you write a letter to your local County Councillor asking for this section of the route to be repaired. Click on the link to a letter from Sustrans with some ideas for what you might say.
We have received this update from Scott Tompkins, Lead Commissioner Highways Authority, Gloucestershire and he says: "We have been working closely with Sustrans on this issue and although the route is not an adopted cycleway the County has agreed to assist by funding the repairs. Sustrans is currently drawing up the designs and seeking the necessary flood plain permissions. The hope is that a Sustrans contractor will begin work in early in 2017. In the mean time following a site visit with Sustrans a couple of weeks ago I have arranged for additional grass cutting to take place along the divisionary route to improve visibility and safety for cyclists."

NCN Route 41

posted 22 Aug 2016, 11:49 by stroudvalleys cc   [ updated 22 Aug 2016, 11:52 ]

It has come to our attention that retrospective planning permission has been sought to change the use of buildings at Woodlands Farm between Hill and Ham from storage to distribution. Any distribution that would happen would involve sending lorries along route 41, a fairly narrow and twisty country lane. As part of the National Cycle Network it is used by many cyclists of different ages and abilities and forms a vital North to South link avoiding the A38. 
You are able to find out more about the plan from Stroud District Council and the reference is S.16/1565/VAR. Any objections to the planning application need to be made by 31st August. Please make your voice heard and object via SDC website.  Please share this information with any others who may be interested. 

Carol Service

posted 2 May 2016, 03:07 by stroudvalleys cc   [ updated 2 May 2016, 09:35 ]

This year's SVCC Christmas Carol Service will take place at St George's Church, Cam at 2pm on Sunday 4th December. There will be tea afterwards at the Arthur Winterbotham Hall in Cam. All welcome. 

Xmas Lunch

posted 18 Jan 2016, 09:50 by Dave Hassall   [ updated 20 Nov 2016, 03:15 by stroudvalleys cc ]

The Christmas Lunch this year will be on December 11th at the George, Cambridge. More details about menu choices and prices to follow soon. 

Menu  has now been sent to everyone on the email list or you can look at it here. Don't forget to send your choices to Tony by Saturday 26th November at the latest. No money needed yet. 

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