Yoga Therapy

Comprehensive Ayurveda Examination and Recomendations w/ Dr. Vanashree, BAMS 2-3 hours $180

Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultation (abridged) w/ Dr. Vanashree, BAMS 60 min $100


Vanashree Belgamwar, our Ayurvedic physician is trained in India and holds a BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurveda medicine and surgery) degree. She is also trained in 'Nadi pariksha', a unique way of pulse diagnosis where your pulse can tell how healthy you are and what diseases you are prone to in the future. She offers detail Ayurvedic consultations and diet and life-style guidelines for healthy living. Supportive herbal treatment suggestions are given as needed.
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Ayurvedic Yoga Lifestyle Consultation w/ Laurie
Find out your dominant dosha, the basis of your prakriti (constitution), and how to live a life that is in balance with your body. This short consultation will include a comprehensive quiz, brief physical examination, & Ayurvedic recommendations for diet, self massage, and yoga practice tailored for balancing your type.

45-60min $54     Book Now

Ayurvedic Yoga Wellness Coaching w/ Laurie
Find out how Ayurveda & Yoga can address your personal needs. During your first visit there will be a series of questions and tests to determine your fitness level and your general constitution these questions will help determine your prakriti (constitution) & vikriti (current imbalances). We will discuss your concerns and goals and create a treatment plan. Your personalized plan will include a personal yoga session, which we will go over together one on one, as well as suggestions for bodywork that may benefit you, as well as dietary and lifestyle suggestions*. 

Initial 90min $88 l  Follow-up 75min $54          Book Now
4 session Package $195 ($55 savings)           Buy Now 
8 session Package $340 ($126 savings)         Buy Now 

Ayurvedic Yoga is most helpful with chronic conditions that respond well to stress reduction and holistic lifestyle changes.

*Please consult with your physician before commencing a yoga program or making any lifestyle changes. Ayurvedic Yoga is not a substitution for physical therapy or regular medical or mental health care, but rather a compliment to it, as a holistic lifestyle-based approach. Ayurvedic Yoga can not diagnose any illness or condition, please see a licensed healthcare provider for diagnosis.