About Craniosacral Therapy
Craniosacral therapy is a light touch technique that works with bones, muscles, tissues, fascia, and especially the central nervous system. It can bring relaxation, improve stress management, and relieve or shift trauma or pain in the body. Craniosacral therapy is recommended for migraines, headaches, back & neck pain, TMJ problems, chronic pain and fatigue, anxiety, depression, and all types of trauma.  This type of body work works well as self-care, preventative care, and complements physical therapy, chiropractic work, other bodywork, or even talk therapy. The session is all clothes on and done on a massage table.  

Scheduling 4-6 sessions closer together, such as weekly, will bring the best results. However, if that isn't feasible, or you just want to try it, just doing one or two sessions can also be quite significant.  Craniosacral therapy is a relaxing, revitalizing experience which awakens your own self-correcting mechanisms towards healing.

I do sliding scale donations $25-$75 for a one hour session. Choose how much you pay based on how much it is worth to you, taking your income into account. As a guideline, if you earn $20,000+ per year, you should pay $50-$75 for a session.  The lower rates are intended to make this accessible to those who cannot afford to pay more. I am open to discussing barter/trade arrangements if agreed on prior to appointments. I can do trade for bike maintenance, auto repair, hair cuts, technology help, etc... 
queer & trans friendly

Contact me to schedule an appointment or with any questions.