SoQi Table


The SOQI table is a wonderful new addition to Svasti Yoga combining heat, light, movement, and sound therapy for natural healing. It feels like laying out in the sun on a warm day while someone gentle moves your feet back and forth. 

The solar energy the table provides you with is not damaging to your skin like harmful UV rays, it is nurturing and rejuvenating; it detoxifies without depleting like other heat therapies. It also stimulates circulation and accelerating your body's metabolism relieving pain and enhancing your body's ability to heal itself.

The goldfish-like movement therapy massages internal organs and stokes the internal fire burning calories, and enhancing digestion and absorption. This movement oxygenates your blood in 15 min as much as walking 10,000 steps. This increased oxygen gradually builds red blood cells, giving you more energy and stamina overall.

The sound and brainwave therapy provides a hypnotic sound-scape which triggers subconscious cues for positive change. We have a variety of therapeutic cds to choose from for triggering everything from healing to insight and intuition.

30min $20 l 45min $30 l 60min $40        Book Now
8 pack of 15min blocks $75 (may also be used as class passes)        Buy Now