Sliding Scale Days

Sliding Scale at Svasti! 
60 minute sessions for $35-60
Sliding scale services are available on a limited basis to people who make below the median household income. The scale is $35-60  for a 60 minute service, pay what you can, cash or check only. Please choose from the services below & email us to sign up.

All sessions are 60 minutes... but please be on time so your session won't be cut short, we do our best to run on time!

Abyangha w/ Laurie Endris (Warm Oil Massage) Warm herbal infused oils specially chosen according to the season and your dosha (body type) are rhythmically applied to the body during this relaxing and nourishing massage.

Reiki Marma Massage w/ Laurie Endris This balancing massage is performed fully clothed, on a floor mat, and incorporates chakra balancing energy work with palpitations and passive stretches to stimulate pressure points (marmas), and open up energetic pathways (nadis & srotas). Please wear comfortable loose fitting attire. 

Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy w/ Laurie Endris These sessions integrate the wisdom of Yoga & Ayurveda in a whole lifestyle consultation model.

Craniosacral w/ Rita Hardie 
Craniosacral therapy is a light touch technique that works with bones, muscles, tissues, fascia, and especially the central nervous system. It can bring relaxation, improve stress management, and relieve or shift trauma or pain in the body. Craniosacral therapy is recommended for migraines, headaches, back & neck pain, TMJ problems, chronic pain and fatigue, anxiety, depression, and all types of trauma.  This type of body work works well as self-care, preventative care, and complements physical therapy, chiropractic work, other bodywork, or even talk therapy. The session is all clothes on and done on a massage table.  (suggested $25-75/60min) Contact Rita at with inquiries or to schedule a session!

Because of the high demand for these appointments, no shows & last minute cancellations will be subject to a service fee.