reiki trainings

Reiki Practitioner Training Levels I - Includes Level I attunement, the history of reiki energy healing, instruction in hands on healing, self healing, grounding & debonding and reiki meditation. Level One Certificate awarded upon completion. Four seats per batch. No experience necessary. 

Course Fee $54

Reiki  Practitioner Training Level II - Includes Level II attunement, the sacred mantras & yantras of reiki, and instruction in distance healing, space clearing, and the legalities of private practice in Minnesota.  Level Two Certificate awarded upon completion. Four seats per batch. Prerequisite: Reiki Level I 

Course Fee $108

Reiki Master/Teacher Training  Level III Part One

  • Level three attunement
  • Sacred master mantra and yantra
  • Instruction in the attunement process & teaching methodology
  • A 6 hour practicum is required to graduate
 Reiki Marma Massage Techniques Part Two (optional)

  • Integrating Ayurvedic Marma Massage technique with Reiki
  • Basic anatomy of the subtle body according to Ayurveda
  • Advanced intuitive healing & energetic sensitization  
  • A 10 hour practicum is required to graduate
Reiki Master Certificate awarded upon completion of part one. Prerequisite: Reiki Level II plus One year of practice, and completion of the Saturn return. (this astrological transit usually occurs around age 28) Semi-private study with flexible hours. Students can expect to complete the required contact hours in under 3 months- enrollment is open year round.

Course Fee $301 Part One
$301 Part Two