We want to keep yoga affordable so it can be a part of your everyday life without breaking the bank. 

Svasti Yoga memberships are a wonderful opportunity. Membership is available at three levels, Community, Regular and Supporting.  No joiner's or annual fee, no contract, just om shanti.

Regular Membership           SALE!  $99/month (auto pay)        Buy Now 

Regular level includes: 
      • Unlimited regular classes
      • One 60 min therapeutic service a month
         Community Membership        SALE! $49/month (auto pay)                    Buy Now 

Community level includes:
  • Unlimited regular classes
         Supporting Membership     SALE!  $129/month (auto pay)                  Buy Now 

Supporting membership includes:
  • Unlimited regular classes
  • One 60 min service a month
  • "Plus one" guest passes for any class you attend
  • 25% discount on additional services

Drop Ins

Our drop in prices vary per instructor: see class schedule for details

If you have a life threatening illness, or financial hardships please inquire about scholarship and work-study options.