• Abyangha (Warm Oil Massage) Warm herbal infused oils specially chosen according to the season and your dosha (body type) are rhythmically applied to the body during this relaxing and nourishing massage. Abhyanga is a very important Ayurvedic treatment and is held in high regard for the many benefits it promotes. It pacifies the doshas, relieves tension and fatigue, provides stamina, pleasure and perfect sleep, enhances the complexion and the luster of the skin strengthens bones and connective tissue, and promotes longevity. VPK
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    • Garshana  Abyangha (Exfoliating Massage) A vigorous full body massage using exfoliating gloves, breaks up cellulite, and stimulates circulation and lymphatic drainage before a full body warm oil massage. VPK (especially good for kapha)
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    • Vivesh (Custom Deep Tissue Massage)  This full body massage gradually increases pressure from medium to deep to focus on problem areas and marma points. This massage will ease chronic pain and expel the toxic heat that causes upper body tension. PK (not recommended for vata)

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  • Reiki Marma Massage This balancing massage is performed fully clothed, on a mat, and incorporates chakra balancing energy work with palpitations and passive stretches to stimulate pressure points (marmas), and open up energetic pathways (nadis). Please wear comfortable loose fitting attire. VPK

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 Body Services:
    • Shirodhara (Warm Oil Stream on Forehead) An ancient Ayurvedic technique in which warm herbal oil or milk is slowly poured over your forehead (third eye) helping to balance the mind, removing stress while increasing memory and clarity. Shirodhara also strengthens and deeply conditions the skin and hair. Traditionally this treatment has been used to treat a variety of conditions including eye and ear diseases, sinusitis, neurological disorders, memory loss, insomnia, vertigo, psoriasis, and graying hair. This treatment is proceeded by a full body massage. At the end of this treatment, your hair will be saturated with oil, so we will give you a cap to keep your hair in & ask that you bring a 16 oz container for the oil left over so that you can take it home with you if you like. VPK (especially good for vata)
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    • Mukhananda (Blissful Ayurvedic Face Treatment) This blissful face treatment features our handcrafted herbal blends to cleanse, exfoliate and nourish your skin according to your dosha (type). Your treatment will incorporate a mini shirodhara and an uplifting marma (energy point) face and scalp massage which will leave you looking and feeling radiant and renewed.  The treatment of the face in Ayurveda is very important and supports the all organs systems of the entire body promoting cleansing, increasing vitality, beauty, relaxation and clarity for the Whole Being. VPK
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    • Padananda (Blissful Ayurvedic Foot Treatment) This rejuvenating foot ritual begins with a Himalayan foot bath. Next, our black rice udvartana scrubs away dead skin cells and draws out impurities, followed with a tranquil kansa bowl foot massage. This treatment is grounding and soothing, it is very good for insomnia and irritability, and indigestion, pulling excess heat out of the body through the feet. VPK (especially good for pitta)
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    • Black Rice Udvartana (Body Scrub) Our mineral-rich black rice scrub is handcrafted from ground rice, adzuki beans and herbs then mixed with sesame oil and gently warmed. It removes dead skin, stimulates blood flow, increases circulation and encourages lymphatic drainage. This treatment detoxifies the body, recharging the immune system, helps to breakdown cellulite, and leaves the skin soft and hydrated. VPK (especially good for kapha)
60min - $75        Book Now
  • Himalayan Foot Bath Enjoy a hot foot bath in a copper basin with a special blend of Himalayan salts and Ayurvedic herbs.  This treatment is excellent for conditions caused by stress and heat, relieving headaches, insomnia and high blood pressure. VPK (especially good for pitta)
30min - $25        Book Now

    • Passport to Nirvana Escape in a nurturing day retreat that will begin with morning yoga, followed by your choice of three abridged versions of our therapeutic Svasti Body treatments. Your experience will conclude with reiki chakra balancing and a healing yoga nidra guided meditation. Treat yourself to this ritual during or after times of stress or transition in your life, or following a cleanse or illness. A catered Ayurvedic lunch is also available with this package, but must be ordered in advance.

4-5hrs - $250 for one, $400 for two        Call 612-567-8573 to book

    • Panchakarma for Yogis We now offer outpatient panchakarma (cleansing program) packages. We begin with an Ayurvedic consultation, to identify your body type, current imbalances, goals and challenges. Together, we will work to create a cleansing program that is right for you, well suited to your goals, lifestyle and means. 
Your program will include:
    • A special diet of Kitcheri an Ayuvedic rice dish, cleansing and easy to digest
    • Prescribed self-administered oleating and yogic cleansing actions (self massage, intestinal flush, enema, emetic, breathing exersizes and sweating therapies may be chosen depending on your needs)
    • Ayurvedic bodywork here at Svasti (oil massage, heat therapy and Shirodhara will be scheduled according to your needs throughout your cleanse.)
    • Phone and email support throughout your cleanse. 
    • During your cleanse you may also come to the 8am or 9:30am and the 6:15pm classes for free and are encouraged to do so.

Panchakarma programs typically range from 9 to 30 days in length & cost between $250 - $1500*  Start with the consultation and we will go from there.    

Panchakarma Consultaion 60min $75        Book Now

*we aim to work within your goals & means; more and less expensive packages are also available, and may be advised or requested.