Class Descriptions

    • Abyangha (relaxing Ayurvedic warm oil massage)
    • Shirodhara (warm stream of milk or oil slowly plays on the forehead)
    • Mukhananda (Ayurvedic face treatment, includes head neck and shoulders)
    • Padananda (Ayurvedic foot treatment)
    • Private Yoga Therapy (yoga plan and practice to meet your personal needs)
    • Past Life Regression (guided meditation)
    • Astrological Counseling (includes one chart, birth time date and place required)
    • Healing Yoga Nidra (guided reclining meditation and deep relaxation)
    • Reiki (energy healing)
    • Reiki One Training (become a level one reiki practitioner)
    • SoQi table session (reclining far infared sauna with chi machine and happy light)