Booking Calendars

If you are interested in joining our team as a yoga teacher, or CAM practitioner (Ayurveda, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Health Coaching) please send your resume or CV, a list of services (or class description) and pricing information and hours available to Laurie.

We have very affordable rates!

60min class $10, 75min class $12, 90min class $15 - Rent is paid monthly so if you have one 60min class per week, monthly rent is $40

For office space, practitioners must sign a year lease and commit to paying for a minimum of hours each month. For example, 12 hours/month would be $120/month (the more time you use the space, the hourly rate will decrease slightly).

We offer hourly rental for special events and workshops. Rates depend on the type of event, whether it is public or private, nonprofit status, and whether or not the entire studio needs to be reserved. We give preference to groups who adhere to principles of social justice and accessibility.

Practitioners and teachers leading regular classes lease space on a monthly NOT on an hourly basis.

Policies and things to be aware of:
  • There is a one hour minimum for booking. 
  • Practitioners must pay for the entire time they are in the treatment room with a client & are responsible to block out the space for a maximum of 15 minutes before & after for set up and clean up. Please do not expect more time than this for set up or clean up, if you need more time you must pay for it. 
  • Please treat the waiting area as common space that others may need to use while you and your client are in session. (Please do not leave personal belongings in the seating area.)
  • You are renting the space as-is.
  • Reservations can be made online (email for instructions)
  • Payment is due at booking and is non-refundable. Payments may be transferred to a different date in the event of the unexpected.
  • Yoga teachers and bodywork practitioners must be able to provide proof of certification from a reputable school and carry professional liability insurance.
  • No cigarettes, alcohol, or illegal practices are allowed. 
  • All visitors must remove their shoes. 
  • No contained fires or candles are allowed. 
  • Please leave the space neat and clean and ready for the next person/class; if you are the last one out, make sure lights are off, and doors are locked.
  • If you bring food in please take out the garbage. 
  • If your clients use the glasses or mugs, please wash them. 
  • Each of your clients must sign a Svasti Yoga waiver of liability.
  • None of the rooms are sound-proof, if this concerns you, be sure to check the main schedule for regular class times and avoid booking during those times. 
  • If you do book bodywork during a regular class time,  the rear entrance is available to avoid disrupting the class in session. 
  • Ample parking is available on Bloomington Ave and in the parking lot behind our building accessible from 38th st.
  • You must review the Code of Ethics & our Sexual Harassment Policy