Ayurvedic Bodywork

Ayurvedic Bodywork I Massage & Shirodhara This course is designed for bodyworkers, massage therapists, spa professionals & Ayurvedic Practitioners.  Students will learn how to Ayurvedic Massage techniques & Shirodhara as well as the indications and contraindications of each treatment and how to adjust per prakruti and vikruti.  Participants should bring their own camera, notebook, massage table and shirodhara pot, (we can order these items for you, if needed) as well as an old bathing suit and towel. Oils will be provided for classroom hours.
Prerequisite: certification or license as a bodywork or CAM professional. 

This course will cover: 
  • Ayurveda Basis of Bodywork
  • Abyangha - Warm oil massage with Marmas
  • VPK oil recipes - simple
  • Garshana - Dry skin brushing before massage 
  • Vishesh - Deep massage
  • Sweedana - use of heat (theory)
  • Shirodhara - Warm oil slowly poured over forehead
  • Shiroabyangha - Indian Head Massage
  • Panchakarma/Rasayana (theory) - The 5 part Ayurvedic cleanse and the role of Ayurvedic Bodywork in cleansing & rejuvenation.  
Course Fee - $1200
Deposit - $300
One week intensive or 4 weekends plus practical examinations