Additional Services

Astrological Counseling The astrological chart is a map of your karma (unresolved energy cycles) and dharma (life purpose). This map can help you learn more quickly how to use your gifts, and talents to overcome your challenges and manifest your soul’s mission. 

60min $54 l add $25 for each additional chart        Book Now

Past Life Regression This powerful guided meditation will take you on a journey where you will encounter significant glimpses of lives past. Through this technique you can uncover the key patterns in your karmic cycle, gain insight into who you are and why you are the way you are, leading to greater acceptance of and connection to the true self. 

60min $54        Book Now

Guided Restorative Meditation You will be guided into a state of deeply healing conscious deep sleep.Yoga Nidra is also often compared to hypnosis, and although similar, brain wave states are such that a practitioner hovers on a border between wakefulness and sleep. The only other mental status that is comparative is, perhaps, a high-level state of meditation.

60min $54        Book Now

Reiki is a gentle form of hands on or off energy healing. 

30min - $35 l 60min - $65        Book Now

Personal Practice Development Want to practice at home but wonder what kind of practice would be best for you? Sadhana means practice. Find out how the yogic techniques of asana (postures), mantras (chants), pranayam (breath control) kriyas (cleansing actions) and meditation can address your personal mental, physical and spiritual needs. Learn how to incorporate the yogic practices into your everyday life. 

Initial 90-120min $88 l  Follow-up 75min $54        Book Now
4 session Package $195 ($55 savings)         Buy Now
8 session Package $340 ($126 savings)         Buy Now