About Svasti Yoga

Svasti Yoga is closed permanently. Thank you for your support.
We will miss you!

Who we are:
Svasti Yoga is a Yoga & Ayurveda wellness center in Powderhorn, Minneapolis, MN. Svasti Yoga is Sanskrit and means union and well-being. We are a community that believes in radical inclusion & healing justice.  We strive to create a welcoming, safe environment for the exploration of wellness & transformation. Our classes & wellness services are open to ALL people of all levels and abilities & are made affordable through memberships, donation based classes & sliding scale.

The highest light and love live within each of us and it is the only real teacher. 
Om Bolo Satguru Bhagavan Ki, Jai!

On Gurus, power, and appropriation:
We are a community of many faiths. We have no one guru. We give thanks to the Hindu & Vedic traditions for the gift of yoga & honor the true gurus and saints responsible for the transmission of yoga. We honor the authority of your inner teacher. We honor the light of your spiritual or religious beliefs and will never ask you to change them. We adamantly denounce any teacher, guru, lineage, or tradition that manipulates, misuses power, abuses people, or enables abuse. We are committed to decolonizing yoga and offering a space where ALL who wish to may explore yoga in a safe, respectful, authentic space.

“The way to right wrongs is to turn the light of truth upon them.” - Ida B. Wells-Barnett 

We celebrate diversity.
People who have experienced "otherness" are especially invited.
Come as you are.

Our studio is accessible to people who use wheelchairs. Contact us if you have questions
 about our ability to accommodate you.