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Activities 2010

Winter Hamfest Bazaar
AthensqrpNet joined winter hamfest bazaar organized by Greek Radio Club. Many radio amateurs came to bazaar,  most of them visited our table and were informed for our activities. Our brochures discontinued in the first 2 hours. SW1JGW was fortunate enough to get a  used Ten-Tec transverter like new.

Photos courtesy of SW1PBH

2 - 4/12/11 SX100A
Battleship "Georgios Averof"
after 100 years the transceivers of
"Georgios Averof" worked again!
look in the above video in minute 14

This time the activity is mountain walking. With xyl we had a long walking in Parnitha mt., from Flabouri shelter to Ag. Petros (place: Mola) and back to Flabouri. The event was organized from Flabouri shelters stuff. We returned to shelter 1n 13:00 utc time so, it was late to call cq in 144MHz (also I was a little tired... ). I have not any pictures due to camera battery shortage. It was not easy to supply voltage to camera through my Lipo batteries hihi.

by AthensQRPNet
After the succesful UHF - SSB QSO party, this Sunday it's time to its successor with mainly concentration in VHF.
As usual first job was erecting the antennas.

Parnitha mt. KM18ud                                                                                                                                 Izmir KM38gn


SW1QEG, SV1EIW,SW1JGW & SW1EIX                  TB3JJ, TB3CNC, TA3TTT & TB3AP                             our friends from Izmir working us

in the same time SW1EIX working Izmir

There was two more participants to Greek team. SW1MNE /p/qrp from Ymmittos mt. KM17vx and yours truly SV1GRN/p/qrp from KM18xa. Both SW1MNE Giannis and me managed to work TA stations with 4-5watts only.
Our best friend TA3BS Tahsin
from Izmir drinking a cup of rakki to our health.
Our Parnitha team continued working with the participation of a boy-scouts group. Thank you Tahsin you were very kind to stay and work with boy-scouts. Tahsin bey cok tesekkur ederiz.
I think the event was succesful and we had plenty qso's over the Aegean sea, thanks to our radioamateur friends from Turkey.


by AthensQRPNet
Sunday morning we went to Flabouri shelter (1.158m. a.s.l.) in Parnitha mountain. Our main goal is a UHF - SSB QSO party. Thanks God the weather was sunny and not rainy. i suppose this was the first UHF qso party organization in Athens area.
Our hardware: 2 stacked 15 el. yagis, an FT-857, a couple of FT-817 and... a lot of fun.
SV1BJY, SW1JGW, SV1GRN (yours truly), SW1EIX, SV1EIW, SW1KWZ and SW1MNO (guest star!).
We had a lot of uhf qso's. I can mention some qso's among others, from Ymmitos mountain with SW1MNE & SW1MNF, from Kithaironas mountain SW1IXP & SV1EDY, from Zakynthos island with SV8CS & SW8NAC.
A little time before the party, our radioamateur friends from Turkey TA3TTT & TB3JJ informed for the event by SV1EIW. After trying a little bit, we had faboulous UHF qso's with
TA3TTT Selim & TB3JJ Turgay. SW1JGW/p/qrp had a very good qso in uhf with only 2W power (KM18ud <> KM38gn).
Selim & Turgay thank you for the opportunity to communicate with you. And also an thank you to the tropospheric conditions!
                                                              Our stacked yagis                                                                                                TA3TTT/p Selim preparing for qso with us
SV1EIW in qso with TA3TTT

Trail-friendly radio
I went with xyl to Parnitha mountain for a little mountain walk, ofcourse I get my trusty FT-817 with me. The walking organized by Giannis the men in charge of Flabouri shelter (
From Flabouri shelter we walked toward place Kserovouni and got back with guidance of Giannis.
we walked in the trails, we walked and... we walked again!

While walking lasts and when we had a rest, I tried to call cq in 144300MHz calling frequency. Unfortunately the calling freq. was occupied with long qro qso's... So, instead having a trail friendly radio day I had only a trail friendly walking day... So, you see yours truly without using any transceiver in the above photograph.
About two hours after, fortunately I had a /p/qrp qso with SV1BJY.

26/9/2010 2m. Fall VHF QSO PARTY
by AthensQRPNet
As usual, Fall 2m./qrp VHF qso party was an opportunity to meet radioamateurs. Place again was Flabouri shelter (KM18ud) in mount Parnitha  (1158m. a.s.l.).

Team: SV1BJY, SV8GKE, SW1JGW, SW1OAN, SW1EIX and myself. SV1HER with his family and SV1GZT kindly visited us.

important: its very rare to see SV8GKE working QRP!             SV1BJY on microphone
we had many morse/nomorse etc. peacefull! debates since recently an constitution was held in Greece (the results are unknown till now). As you may know, in almost all countries with harmonized (H.A.R.E.C.) licences and in accordance with I.A.R.U. recommendations, cw examinations not exists. But, in Greece
in order to obtain an H.A.R.E.C. compatible licence, you have to be examined in morse code also! So, you can call it H.A.R.E.C.+ cw compatible!   We live in pre 2001 licence conditions thanks to dinosaurs especially from family of tyranosaurus morsicus...
we had arguments, more arguments                         and
finally all we are friends! This is the spirit of hamradio. One ionosphere hundreds of thousand friends.

 3 - 4/9/2010 Fiel Day by R.A.A.G.
enjoying the SV1SZ team, working 2m. ssb
place: Athens, next to Marathon museum
SW1JGW & SV1RP operating phone ssb!           TS-2000 was absolutely deaf on 2m. but TR-751 was superb            SV1GRM & SV1GRN

Summer 2010
Taking a break... and enjoying the wonderfull Greek summer. Visit Greece to learn about.

in front of Veniamin's fountain, Kea (Tzia) Island

SX1DL in Aegean VHF contest
Bands: 70cm., 2m. (operators:
SW1JGW, SW1EIX, SW1KWZ) & 6m. operators SV1CDY & SV1GRN
Place Mt.Parnis (KM18ud), 1140m asl 20km NW of Athens.
Two days full of radioham fun! And some nice contacts, thanks to radioamateurs communicated with us.
Watch the video (by SV1CDY):
the three caballeros!                                                  
cq cq  you could not call cq louder than Jimmy SW1JGW!                        SV1CDY 
SW1KWZ (back) SW1EIX (middle) SW1JGW
SW1KWZ & SV1HER                                                                                SV1GRN

Every SX1DL expedition ends with some lines from N. Cavvadias poems as usual. Now, listen a song from "southern cross" instead reading!

1 - 30/6/10
with the special calls: SV1EPC, SX1EPC & J41EPC. Although I participated with few qso's the fun was big and this organization had the biggest participation among previous organizations.


First test of a new 2m. antenna built by Giannis SV1BJY from mt. Penteli KM18xb

2m summer QSO PARTY in digimodes (bpsk31)
by AthensQRPNet
Hours: 15:00 - 21:00 UTC
freq: 144.135MHz USB
Organization: Athens QRP Group
It was the first 2m. bpsk31 qso party organized in Athens area and maybe in Greece. I hope that we'll repeat as soon as possible. Friends of bpsk31 pse drop an e-mail!
I think the party was successful, we met friends and we enjoyed very much.
Below you can see a picture from my pskreporter screen.

A few /p qso's in 2m ssb with my trusty FT-817, qrp power (2.5W) and the RH-770 vert. antenna, made while a short 2.5-3 hours mountain walking with xyl, in mount Parnitha's (KM18ud) trails, near Flabouri shelter (
I enjoy and recommend this kind of trail friendly radio activities. You can read about in:

Again /p VHF & HF operations from Ag. Nicolaos hill (~200m. ASL) in Artemida KM17xx with participation of SV1EIW,SW1JGX & SV1GZT.
SW1JGW & SV1GRN                                                                                     SV1GZT

2 May 2010 /p qrp in KM18xa
SV1GZT                                                                                                         SV1GRN

Main activity was on vhf. HF bands were something deaf for our 2,5w ERP power...

Spring 2m/qrp QSO PARTY (phone & digi)
by AthensQRPNet
After the successful Fall 2m party and due to increase of the demand for such activities, time has come for the Spring 2m. party! So, we invited again all radio amateurs to take place in 21 March 2010. The place again was the same (KM18ud).

As usual we encouraged the participation of portable stations powered by batteries as we did.
The purpose of qso parties apart from the joy of radio contacts and meeting each other is the self improvement in the use of mobile gear, the following of the standard procedures in radio communications and the right behavior on the air.

This time the attendants were more than before, the weather was sunny and the propagation helped us a... little more!

Due to many phone (and very few cw) attendants and because my notebook became unreadable from bright sun, I left my Signalink interface in my bag so, unfortunately no any psk qso was made.
The crew: SW1JGW & SV1GRN from Athens qrp Group, SV1IZR, SW1OAN & SV1CDY. Later SV1EDY & SV1ENV they have visited us.
Now we are looking forward for the new event.
Main photo                                                                         the 7 el. DK7ZB design & SSB preamplifier                     CQ CQ CQ     SV1GRN               SW1JGW
hanks to SV1IZR (left) we had a plenty of power, SV1CDY (right)                SW1OAA & SW1NZX antennas
In the same time, our friends SW1OAA and SW1NZX they are enjoyed to party with two 9 element stacked yagis! From a location near Argyroupoli (Athens):