An amateur radio station is as good as his operators quality & its own antennas efficiency

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- Finally your transceiver is a part of your antenna system...
- A poor antenna has infinite gain over no antenna!
- Morse code is a choice not a requirement.

Welcome to my amateur radio page.

My name is Panagiotis, I am a licensed radio amateur since 2003 and my main hobby is Amateur radio. I support the low profile & qrp version of hamradio.

Amateur radio, often called Ham radio is a hobby enjoyed by few million people throughout the world. An amateur radio operator, also known as a ham or hamradio amateur uses radio equipment to communicate with other radio amateurs for public service, recreation and self-training. Amateur radio is an international friendship hobby based on wireless communications and technical knowledge. Amateur radio is a social hobby and it's a contact sport also.
Amateur radio is the greatest of all scientific hobbies.

In my spare time, I enjoy long distance (whatever distance my equipment permits! hihi) communications in the HF & VHF bands (SSB & digimodes), by my shack (Athens - KM18xa) or portable. I keep trying to hear/decode weak signals (especially with K1JT's goodies) so, I'll try to qso with you even if your signal is not loud. I dislike to miss especially weak signals. QRO stations please be kind enough when QRP stations calling.

I enjoy QRP radio my motto: QRP radio = GREEN radio.
I am granted already with the 100 DXCC phone award (200+ worked 150+ countries confirmed till now). Looking forward for the 200 countries award.

I am co-founder of Athens QRP Net (

QSL policy
I QSL via LOTW. LOTW is the qsl method of 21 century and the final courtesy of a QSO is LOTW.
Please, join in ARRL's LOTW and save the trees! Help me to keep my shack paperless since, I collect QSO's not QSL cards. Preparing cards is time wasting both for me and the club staff and it costs.
Please, send me a card via bureau only in cases:
A) I sent a card to you (probably because, you are a new DXCC for me and you are not LOTW member).
B) My country is a new country for you and you are not LOTW member.
C) You are an avid card collector.

No e-qsl please.
SWL reports welcome. I reply 100% to all qsl cards (if you did not get an answer, after a reasonable time please drop me an e-mail).
If you send your card direct, please be kind enough to include 1 green stamp and an s.a.e.

Please, before decide to operate read the DX Code Of Conduct

I respect IARU QRP frequncies
# 81:

Dear radio amateurs I wish you all happy hamming, enjoy the hobby!
See you on the bands/waterfall.


Name: P. Dadis
Address: P.O. box 521, Dioni, Pikermi.
P.C.: GR-190 09
Athens – GREECE

e-mail: sv1grn (a t)

msn: sv1grn

come in

I support the DX Code Of Conduct


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