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from Suzuki:

1985 Suzuki QuadSport LT230: The First QUADSPORT! 

Known as the little brother of the LT-250R, the Suzuki QuadSport LT230 delivered a thrilling ride for the ATV rider whose riding environments varied from the track to the woods and open desert.

Powered by a four-stroke 230cc single-cylinder engine, the LT230 used a five-speed transmission with manual clutch and reverse. At just 298 pounds, this lightweight quad was a sporty blast to ride. Double A-frame front suspension provided 6.3 inches of long wheel travel. The LT-230 QuadSport had a retail price of $1,969.


Thanks to ATV Connection Member JustRandy and Trailrider230s for putting all these specs together!

1985 and 1986 models:

 Overall Length  71.7 in
 Overall Width  41.7 in
 Overall Height  42.5 in 
 Wheelbase  44.5 in 
 Ground Clearance  4.5 in 
 Front Track  31.7 in 
 Rear Track  31.3 in
 Seat Height  31.3 in 
 Dry Mass  337 lbs 

1987 and 1988 models:

 Overall Length 70.7 in 
 Overall Width 41.9 in 
 Overall Height 43.5 in 
 Wheelbase 44.5 in 
 Ground Clearance 4.5 in
 Front Track 31.7 in 
 Rear Track 31.3 in 
 Seat Height 31.3 in 
 Dry Mass 337 lbs 


 Tank  2.125 gal
 Reserve  0.275 gal 
 Total  2.5 gal 


Mikuni VM26SS

Main Jet: 112.5
Jet Needle: 5HN23 - 3rd clip
Needle Jet: O-0 (that's an oh-zero, not zero-zero)
Cut-Away: 1.5
Pilot Jet: 20
Pilot Screw: 2 turns back


Steering Angle: 35 degrees inside, 25 degree outside

Caster: 6 degrees 31 minutes.

Trail: 1.4 in

Toe with 75 kg (and stock shock preload setting presumably): .4 - .7

Turning radius: 8.2 ft


Front: 4/166 10x5 2+3
Rear: 4/130 9x9 4.5+4.5

Cam Specs

Flywheel Puller

Part Number: SS-8 Threads: 30x1.5 RF Fits: 230S, 250S, 220 bayou, and maybe more

Interchangeable Parts
Here is a list of parts from the lt250r and 350 yamaha that also fit the lt230s.
85-86 lt250r:
rear axle_____  24 spline +3 inch wider wheel base
front shocks__  set on the lowest preload setting
front calipers
rear hubs____   4 lug
lower ball joints
front master cylinder
front hubs
88 350 yamaha Warrior
rear shock___ may have to machine a smaller bolt bushing
87-88 lt250r
rear axle_____  26 spline +3 inch wider wheel base
front shocks__  set on the lowest preload setting
front calipers
rear hubs____   5 lug
lower ball joints
front master cylinder
front hubs
More parts to come!!!

1985 Suzuki LT230 QuadSport ATV
1987 Suzuki LT230 QuadSport

Gear Ratios

 1st 37/12  3.083 
 2nd 30/14  2.142 
 3rd 24/15  1.600 
 4th 27/22  1.227 
 5th 22/22  1.0
 R 29/12 x 34/29  2.833 
 Primary Reduction 65/21  3.095 
 Final Reduction 39/12  41/12 
Speed Chart
For a list of sprocket combos and speeds
Clutch Packs
For engine number 104360 and below.
 Brand  Friction Plates  Steel Drive Plates  Springs
 OEM  21411-22A01  21451-36200  09440-15014
 Barnett  301-70-10010  401-70-078005  501-31-05026
 EBC  CK3364  use oem plates  CSK34
 KG Clutch  KG044-6  use oem plates  KGS-057
 Vesrah  VC-356  CS-306  SK-318
This next table is for engine number 104361 and up.
 Brand  Friction Plates  Steel Drive Plates   Springs
 OEM  21411-25C01  21411-19A00  09440-15014
 Barnett  310-70-10008  401-70-063005 501-31-05026
 EBC  Ck3319  use OEM plates  CSK34
 KG Clutch  KG044-6  use OEM plates  KGS-057
 Vesrah  VC-355  CS-306  SK-318

For eye to eye shock length comparisons:


Before August 1985 Production:

1400 ml or 1.5 qt
1600 ml or 1.7 qt with Filter

On and After August 85 Production:

2000 ml or 2.1 qt
2200 ml or 2.3 qt with Filter
2300 ml or 2.4 qt Overhaul

Oil Type: SE or SF 10W40


Ignition timing: 5 degrees BTDC below 1800 rpm
                     35 degrees BTDC above 3800 rpm

D7EA NGK sparkplug
X22ES-U Nippon Denso
A6YC Champion

Gap .024 - .028


pick up coil: Bl/Y - G/W: 100-200 ohms
Power coil: Br-P: 150-350 ohms
lighting coil: O-B: 0.1-2 ohms

Ignition Coil:
Primary: +tap - -tap: 0.1 - 2 ohms.
Secondary: Plug Cap - +tap: 10k - 25k ohms

Torque specs

Head bolts: 8mm( 12mm nut size): 15-18 ft-lbs. 6mm(10mm nut): 5-8 ft-lbs

Cam sprocket bolt: 7-8.5 ft-lbs

Magneto rotor nut: 36-44 ft-lbs

Clutch sleeve hub nut: 29-44

Primary Drive Gear Nut: 44-58

Oil drain plug: 14-18

Drive Sprocket: 58-73