Suzuki Lab. 
Yamagata University


I'm Ikumi Suzuki, an Assistant professor at Department of Informatics at Yamagata University in Yonezawa City, Yamagata Prefecture in Japan. 


I research in the area of Artificial Intelligence, Machine LearningData Mining and Information Retrieval. 
I'm very interested in data behavior and data structure, especially when the data represented in the high dimension or containing large number of samples.
Throughout analysing real data, such as Natural Language Processing data, recommendation system data or biological data, 
I build model how data resides in high dimensional space or based on the model I develop algorithms to learn metrics.   

Currently, I'm working on High Dimensional Problem, so called Hubness phenomena
There are some interesting findings on the property of Laplacian-based kernels and centering 
technique from hubness point of view. Have a look at Hubness Project page! 


Department of Informatics,

Graduate School of Science and Engineering, 

Yamagata University

4-3-16 Jonan, Yonezawa City, Yamgata, 992-8510, Japan


Where we are...

Yamagata Prefecture

Yonezawa City

Yamagata University


  • Information Retrieval
    • Recommendation System
    • Building Robust Recommendation System against Attacks

  • Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence

What's New?

2017/09    Our research was introduced in newspaper on September 24.
2017/08    Open Laboratory.
2017/06    Our paper accepted by SIGIR 2017(Top international conference in Information Retrieval).
2017/05    Open Laboratory. 
2016/12    We had students from Singapore joined JENESYS2016 promoted by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan [Report].
2016/10    Two undergraduate students become new member. 
2016/08    Open Campus at Yamagata University Faculty of Engineering
2016/08    Laboratory experience for 2016 International Summer Program.
2016/02    Our paper accepted by AAAI 16.
2015/12    Start working for Yamagata University.

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