European Suzuki Teaching Development Trust

The European Suzuki Teaching Development Trust aims to make high quality Suzuki  teaching in music and other subjects available to children in the area covered by the European Suzuki Association (Europe, Africa and the Middle East). 


The Trust’s main focus is on supporting Suzuki teacher training projects within each country, wherever there is need and demand. All Suzuki teaching development projects are led by the European Suzuki Association’s qualified and experienced Suzuki teacher trainers.


In all the countries where Suzuki teacher training has been set up with financial support from Suzuki Development, the benficiaries are not just the families and children now given opportunity to develop their talents through learning an instrument by the Suzuki Method  but also the many excellent musicians who have trained as Suzuki music teachers.

The European Suzuki Teaching Development Trust was established in 1994 and became a Registered Charity in England in 2002.

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