Article - Practical Advice for Parents

Practical advice of parents of Suzuki students.

1. Create a musical environment by truly enjoying he cd.

2. State the lesson goals before the child plays; describe the details in an interesting way

3. Use soft touch to teach relaxation

4. Use praise of each detail you want repeated.

5. Find fun and interesting ways to repeat small areas, using toys, charts, etc.

6. Listening is equally important to practice, because it presents the goal.

7. Enjoy the process of practice and your child will do better. Truly enjoy this time with your child as much as possible.

8. Take small bites. Try to work on repetition of a small spot rather than gobble down the whole piece. This will create more desire to learn the rest.

9. Play the CD and other related music to enjoy. This creates a positive atmosphere in the home or car.

10. Practicing is an opportunity to connect with your child, and if you don't want to practice every day, listen to that and find solutions for you both.