Here's a picture gallery of just some of our Yorkies!  
Beau! AKC Blue & Gold. Beau's babies--->

Tux! AKC Tri-Colred Parti. Tux's babies--->
Ruger! AKC Black & Tan. Ruger's babies--->

Shopping for a Yorkie? Here's some facts you should DEFINITELY know. 
First and foremost, ALL Yorkies are classified in the "toy" group. AKC does not recognize "teacup, minies, petite etc.." 
Those terms are used for marketing,  or because the breeder doesn't know better.  
Yorkies have been, and remain on, the top 5 list of most popular dogs for years and years! There's good reason. They are Wonderful!
Here's a little bit about the YORKIE'S history:
The Yorkshire terrier developed in the 19th century in the historical areas of England to catch rats in clothing mills. The defining features of the breed are its small size, less than 3.2 kilograms (7.1 lb), and its coat (s). The breed is nicknamed Yorkie and is placed in the Toy Terrier section of the Terrier Group. All Yorkies are "toys" however "teacup & mini" are not classes recognized by AKC but rather used for marketing. Yorkies became popular with the ladies working in the mills and quickly worked ther way onto the most desireable dog list with the general public. Yorkies are well known for their fiercly loyal personalitles as well as their hypo-allergenic (silky) coat.
Here's what to look for when purchasing a Yorkie:
While AKC doesn't recognize "teacup/mini/petite" it is true, the smaller the dog the higher the price.  
6 week weight can be tripled to closely determine (90% accuracy) the weight of the dog full gown.
12 week weight can be double to closely determine (60% accuracy) the weight of the dog full grown.  
There are two different coats. Silky or soft.
Silky is more desireable lending to popularity, hypo-allergenic traits and show. Only hard to maintain at floor length.
Soft is slightly less shiny and more maintenence if grown long. Tangles and matts will occur at even medium length causing skin irritation. Soft coats should be kept short.
There are 4 different color classes recognized by AKC. 
-blue and tan
-blue and gold
-black and tan
-black and gold 
Please remember Yorkies are all born black (except parti's) and Yorkies don't come into their full colors until 8-10 months of age. It's very difficult to tell what color a small puppy will be full grown, but we give it our best "guesstimate" based on our lines and experience. 
 New in 2012
We have Parti's and Goldens!  
Google search them, they are super cute!

All of our babies get their first shots and if we still have them at 10 weeks of age their second shots as well. They go through a de-worming at 6 & 8 weeks. They also get a puppy well check with our vet. We do everything recommend by our vet while we have the puppies to ensure they have the healthiest start in life.  We don't spare any expense on vet visits. You will receive all of their vet records! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Let's face it, puppies are a lot of work.
You look at ads and NEVER wonder "WHAT do I get for my money?" You look at price.
When you buy from me you get a puppy that's ready to adjust to your home.
In the interest of not calling the puppy IT, I will refer to IT as Bob.  Bob will make you happy because.... 
1.) Prior to weening Bob from his Mom I spend time daily, on an individual basis, with Bob.  He will develop a sense of "self" so he doesn't just settle into a role within his litter mates. This also allows me to observe his individual personality, which in turn, helps me help you match him to your household. I don't think picking a puppy on the "cute" fator works because, well, all puppies are cute but they all have very different personalitites.
2.) Prior to weening Bob from his Mom I introduce goats milk and soft food so he will be a good eater weeks before he can no longer depend on his Mom for nutrition. It's a hard adjustment for Bob when he can't nurse, similar to weening a baby. It's emotionally stressful and not something a new puppy owner want's to deal with, yet a question very seldom asked by Bob's new prospective owners.
3.) Prior to weening Bob I remove his Mom from his crib at night so he can get used to sleeping without her. Bob's Mom is usually ready for this!!! Bob cries for a few nights but forgets quickly because he still has his brothers and sisters to cuddle with.
4.) Weening, cold turkey is a tough few days for Bob, but he has already gained some independence. With some belly scratching, kisses and yummy treats (which he can now eat) he makes it through with flying colors. After a few weeks, he will be off soft food. He will be happy and content with puppy kibble. Bob will not have an eating disorder.
5.) After weening I start socializing Bob on an individual basis with my adult dogs. This way I can help you find the puppy that will adjust to the dog you may already have, or help you pick the puppy that needs to be your only love. I also break the litter up for play time so Bob will not be able to develop a false sense of security, as leader of his pact, which may not fly with the dog you already have. I will be able to tell you if Bob will get along with your animal family, already in place in your home.
6.) After weening I tuck Bob into his own crate at night, with his own blanket, in his own room. He learns to sleep alone. Bob cries for few nights because he is lonely, but he won't be WAILING at your house. He will be an independent sleeper. You will get his blanket when he goes home with you and that will give him comfort. Bob will also probably know the word NAP.
7.) As soon as Bob learns to sleep in his crate he quickly figures out that to "piddle" in his crate is gross. I take Bob, and his crate, out every morning and tell him what a smart, handsome and good boy his is when he takes care of business. Of course at first Bob doesn't know what this is all about! BUT as long as he get's a treat and praise he doesn't care why, and he will keep "doing it". I also use a little trick (called PeePee spray) that reminds Bob of what he's supposed to do when we go to that spot. You can buy this also at your local pet store. It's a great trick! 
Bob may act depressed for a few days when you take him home, this isn't because he doesn't like you.
He's just confused and probably misses the only home he's ever known. He will forget quickly.
As long as you don't give into his whining, because that will confuse him to what he knows,
you will have a well adjusted puppy very quickly!
I want YOU to be happy with Bob  
 During the first few month's of his life I've fallen in love with him!!!!!  
Barb Walsh (that's me) 970-201-9360 
Lindsey Sutherland 970-812-7387
We are both proud to be partners with Suzoo's Yorkies!
We are learning every day what it takes to be knowledgeable well rounded breeders.
We love our dogs and want to carry on the 30 years of experience in breeding
passed on to us by our friend and partner Suzette Davis.
We are aware Yorkies are expensive and have adopted payment plans
for families that are right for our babies.