Have a Judge...

Do courthouses have a need for human bodies to be "viewed" underneath their clothes?

What about courthouses close to a parking lot, where judges may be viewed through their clothes by a perpetrator wanting to capture their body shape and size on a TV screen?


When sensors are being used by Homeland Security types, what can we expect? More Homeland Security? "The Advanced Research Project Agency (HSARPA) wants to build a system that fuses information from remote eye, heart, breath and brain sensors and lasar radar to decide if you are a terrorist" are the "quantifiable inputs" which they use to detect whether we are behaving like terrorists... What if they modulate the technology in an effort to make our brainwaves act accordingly, to catch us as if we are the terrorists? Perfect set up for somebody they don't like...


Take Elizabeth Edwards, for example... She's been given a 'diagnosis' of having "untreatable cancer". Couldn't this be caused by a good dose of the same x-rays they take our chest or other x-rays with in a cancer ward or hospital setting? Such as a radiological machine gone wrong... With pinpoint precision they can do surgery using x-ray devices, such as lasers... Isn't that what the Homeland Security article said? Homeland Security enjoys using lasers better than x-rays? Whose got the technology?

What have we to protect ourselves with? Have we sensoring devices that can 'read' what they do to us? Sure we do. But has it been used yet on a wide-scale basis? Never! Why would they? More fun to have rays sent our way without our knowing. ...Have you seen your judge today?


suz leboeuf