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Suzanne has come up through the crowd as an effervescent,
free-spirited and influential media personality.
An in-demand Brand Ambassador, she summons the masses to the brands she takes to market and the select businesses she endorses.
Suzanne is the founder of Love Shouldn't Hurt.TV and spearheads Hot Jam Media. She hosted the "Hot Jam with Suzanne" live-to-air show with over 1500 weekly listeners. Browse and listen to  archives here
Suzanne enjoys a wide array of paid, sponsored and volunteer projects.  She is a Junior Achievement teacher, live music event and fundraiser coordinator, and thrives in the spotlight sharing motivational tips to not only help us get through each day, but helping to raise our own self-awareness, self-worth, and appreciate the many things to be thankful for in daily living.  
Her talents include motivational speaking, coaching and training, voice acting, and engagement marketing.  Suzanne is a leader of the pack, and a voice for the underdog with a solid following. 

Use our contact form to book Suzanne to record your audiobook, commercial advertisement, bring life to your character... or to do a presentation or workshop for your group, at your school, business, organization or church!
A memorable and bold fashion, personality, and vigor all her own, Suzanne is a favored "face of the brand"  with her sparkle, enthusiasm, and power-surge of optimism.
Certifications: TiPS, ATAP, ServSafe Food Handler, NYS Gaming
Technical:        Dell, Fujitsu, NCR
US Government security clearance
 Clearance to work with children
Chain of Defense - Pure Krav Maga Buffalo
Affiliations: Orchard Park Chamber of Commerce 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014