Suzana Alcantara,
Professor - Plant Systematic (UFSC)

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   I am an evolutionary biologist interested in morphological evolution, plant diversification and biogeography. I combine technics of molecular systematics, comparative analyses and fieldwork sampling and experiments to address the questions investigated in my research projects. Current projects focus on several aspects of functional ecology and adaptations to the extreme environmental conditions that occur in tropical mountains. I am especially interested in understanding the processes associated with huge diversity of plant species in "campos rupestres", a seasonal dry habitat of Eastern/Central Brazil. Parallel and past professional interests also include population genetics, pollination and floral biology.

23th May 18: Suzana's paper on Velloziaceae diversification has been published on-line at the Annals of Botany website! Check it out: https://doi.org/10.1093/aob/mcy063.

16th May 18: Welcome to Isabelle Doble, the new lab member. Isabelle is an undergrad student and started a lab internship.

14th May 18: Congratulations to Luciana! She just got awarded with the ASPT RESEARCH GRANTS FOR GRADUATE STUDENTS 2018.

14th Mar 18: We have two new lab members: Mariana Borgert & Vitor Santibanez, both undergrads in Biological Sciences major. Mariana will be working with Jessica in the FIC (Flora Ilustrada Catarinense) while Vitor will be focusing on a bioinformatic subproject within the Serrapilheira project. Welcome!

21th Feb 18: The Propesq (Pró-Reitoria de Pesquisa-UFSC) posted a note on its website about the Serrapilheira grant awarded to our group: http://propesq.ufsc.br/instituto-serrapilheira-investe-em-pesquisa-inovadora-de-professora-do-departamento-de-botanica-ufsc/#more-11715

21th Dec 17: Suzana got a highly-competitive award, the Serrapilheira grant (https://serrapilheira.org/resultado-da-1a-chamada-publica/), intended to support outstanding projects of young researchers from STEM areas in Brazil. The project awarded: "A Darwinian dream inside a taxonomic nightmare: exploring past evolutionary radiations to prospect for climatic-change adaptable genes in the Brazilian Velloziaceae", will allow to our team keep focusing on this incredible group and on the several awesome questions regarding adaptation and diversification in extreme environmental conditions.
See more about it in the topic Research soon!

Dec 17: Welcome Paula Larocca, our newest lab member. She just got approved to the Master Program at the Botany Dept (PPGFAP, UFSC).

Ago 17: Congratulations to Luciana Pereira Silva! Luciana has been admitted in the first class of our new doctorate course at PPGFAP (Botany Dept., UFSC).

Feb 17: Welcome Patricia Padilha, officially the first grad student in the PLENTBio Team! She has been admitted to the Master Program at the Botany Dept (PPGFAP, UFSC).

May 16: Suzana started her position as a professor at the Dept. of Botany in UFSC-Florianopolis-Brazil.