The Personality that is ME..

Welcome to my site..
By profession I 'm a Computer Science Engineer.
Life teaches us a lot, with its amazing experiences. We will never know what is there in the stock for us. I always believe that WISDOM grows with sharing. I will make the most of any oppurtunity that i get to spread the happiness and positivity that i can around me.
My favourite passtime is reading, interests vary into different categories from Science to Philosophy, Art to Spirituality, Psychology to Fiction...... You can find a list and my reviews of my books at shelfari. I also enjoy the kannada literature, may it be the novels, poems or dramas.
I dream and chase my dreams with a passion. One such recent dream is to publish myself in the form of a BLOG. I named this beautifull dream as "CELEBRATE LIFE" for i believe that life is not just living. You can find many of my writings there which i belive will surely be a platform for me to reach out to the world. Here it is... BLOG.
When the romantism inside tend to cross its threshold few lines gets scribbled on its own, A few of which can be found in my literature blog  ramyasmrithi.
Apart from this I maintain an account at orkut, where You can find a more facts and pictures of interst of my beautifull life and even You can be a friend ( but please introduce urself in brief before sending a request).
orkut profile. Or even u can drop me a mail at
Just dont live, CELEBRATE your LIFE...