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Private Carsten Pape  Co. K  4th Ohio Cavalry
Enlisted Oct. 30, 1861
Honorably Discharged Nov. 9, 1864
For more info read  "The Invicibles"  The Story of the Fourth Ohio Veteran Volunteer Cavalry 1861 - 1865
by Nancy Pape-Findley
Available at:
Blood Road Publishing
805 Blood Rd.
Tecumseh, MI 49286


Private Carsten Pape enlisted October, 30th, 1861 with the 4th Ohio Cavalry, Company K.   Carsten was discharged November 9, 1864.  He was born October 7, 1836 in Koehlen Kingdom, Hanover Germany.  He left Germany on October 1, 1854.


While with the 4th Ohio Calvary, Carsten was mainly in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Alabama.  His unit pursued Morgan's Raiders throughout those states.  Their wagon train was captured by Morgan in March 1862, but recovered after "a chase, the parallel to which has seldom been seen" according to a Captain of the 4th.  Days after the battle of Shiloh, the 4th surprised the town of Huntsville, Alabama.  They succeeded in capturing the whole town with barely a shot being fired.


A year later after the 4th participated in the battle of Stone's River, Murfreesboro, Tennessee in March 1863, Carsten was again pursuing Morgan's Raider's through a small town named Bradyville, east of Nashville, Tennessee, when his horse fell and landed on him.   Probably shot, the 4th lost 2 horses in that skirmish.  Carsten spent the next 6 months in Murfreesboro Field Hospital & Nashville Convalescent Hospital. 


From there he was transferred to the 8th Veteran Reserve Corp, Company B. and served as a prison guard at Camp Douglas in Chicago, Illinois.  Carsten was discharged November 9, 1864. 


He returned to Cincinnati to marry Anna Schierbaum on August 14, 1867.   They later (1869) moved to Chicago and raised 7 sons and 1 daughter.  Carsten died September 4, 1903.  He is buried in Concordia Cemetery in Forest Park, Illinois (outside Chicago) with a military stone.


Information has been gathered for a book on this soldier and his units, and has been published.  Entitled “The Invincibles”, the book is 416 pages, hard-covered, indexed, with 41 maps and 230 photographs.  It also contains a roster of the 2,575 men that fought with the 4th Ohio.  This roster includes enlistment, discharge, transfer, court-martial, grave, 1890 address, and 1911 address information for as many of the names as possible. Visit www.bloodroadpublishing.com for more information or to order the book

Carsten Pape
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