Gary Holmes Member since April 27, 1993

Cpl. Joseph Sudborough Co. I 47th Ohio Infantry
Killed in action Atlanta 7-22-1864
Uncle of Irene Wieland
Mother of Eileen Holmes
Mother of Gary Holmes

Narrative:             Joseph Sudborough was born in 1843 near Sudborough, England.  His family moved to the                                   United States sometime in the 1850’s and settled near Blissfield, Michigan.  Census records list                                   Joseph’s occupation as that of a farmer.  He stood 5 foot 6 inches and had a light complexion                                   with brown hair and hazel eyes. 

                                  Joseph enlisted with the 47th Ohio Infantry on June 15, 1861 at the age of 18.  In 1863, now                                   corporal, Sudborough became the color-bearer of the Regiment.  Joseph reenlisted in June of                                   1864.  In April of 1864, he started a diary in which he wrote something every day as General                                   Sherman’s Army moved from Chattanooga, Tennessee to Atlanta, Georgia.  The diary ends on                                   July 21, 1864.  On July 22, 1864 Joseph Sudborough was killed in action while carrying the                                   colors at the front of his Regiment.  Place of burial is unknown. 

                                  Luckily the diary made it back to the family and is still with the family today!