Member's Ancestor Page

Learn more about Henry H. Nash and Addison J. Hodges, the namesakes of our Camp!
The links from this page take you to the ancestors of our members.  We hope that you take some time to browse through and see the service records and the relationships to our members.
Present Members

         Bertram Bruce          Kimball Frye          Neil Griffith         Keith Hodges         
       Richard Holdridge     Dave Helmer    Gary Holmes    Harold "Butch" Miller

         Gary Naugle        Jerry Wayne Reed    
     Wilbur Steih        James Tipton     Gary Bartlett
 Associate Members
    Fallen Members

           William Lentz  ( founder of camp #43 )
            Richard Beach   Dale Gubbe       Harold Hodges     Percy Ira Wilson, Jr.
           Richard Gray    Macklin Pangburn     Thomas Spiegel   William Kniss 
Past Members

Larrie Baker      Richard Burns       Herb Summers
 Craig Emery        Adam Frye       James Frye        Don Geiger
 William Hanusik  Timothy King   Ben Kniss Sr.   Dave Loomis   John Pauli  Nick Pulver
 Steve Wyse   Parker Tagsold Sr.   Parker Tagsold Jr.   William Warden   
  Russel Wilsey   Frank Saxton    David Schneider    Jason Steih   Harry "Bud" Pape       Michael Christiaens